Avoiding Common Air Conditioner Problems in Phoenix

Help With Your AC In Phoenix? Contact An Expert

Residents of Phoenix know that the summer months can be brutal, with average temperatures reaching well into the 90s.

Many homeowners rely on air conditioners to keep their homes cool and comfortable to beat the heat. However, without proper maintenance and care, these units can run into common problems to cause them to break down when they are needed most.

One way to avoid common air conditioner problems is by scheduling regular maintenance with a trusted HVAC company like Rescue One Air.


Common AC Issues in Phoenix: Prevention and Early Detection

Some of the typical AC difficulties homes confront in Phoenix include filthy filters, refrigerant leaks, frozen evaporator coils, broken thermostats, and blocked condenser coils.

One way to prevent these difficulties from arising is by arranging routine maintenance with a competent HVAC technician.

They may evaluate your system for any underlying problems and correct them before they turn into significant repairs. Changing your air filter once every three months can help keep your AC functioning efficiently.

Early discovery of potential problems can also save you money in the long term. If you notice any weird sounds or scents coming from your unit or if it’s not cooling as well as it used to be, call for same-day AC repair services immediately to avoid further damage.


DIY Fixes for Common AC Problems in Phoenix

A filthy air filter is one of the most prevalent AC difficulties in Phoenix. It can cause your system to work harder than it needs to and lower efficiency, resulting in higher energy bills.

To address this problem, turn off your AC and remove the filter, then clean it with water or replace it with a new one if necessary. Inspecting and changing your air filter at least every three months is recommended.

Another issue is a frozen evaporator coil that prevents cold air from moving around your home or office. This happens when there’s limited airflow over the coil or low refrigerant levels caused by leaks or other difficulties.

To solve this, switch off your AC and let it thaw for several hours until all ice has evaporated. Then, check for any blockages inhibiting airflow and have a professional analyze your system for leaks.

When to Call a Professional for AC Repair in Phoenix

Phoenix summers require air conditioning. Air conditioners, like other machines, need maintenance.

When your AC makes weird or loud noises, call a professional. Screeching shows a malfunctioning motor, while banging or rattling shows a loose part. A professional technician must immediately diagnose and fix these difficulties.

If your AC cannot chill your home despite running constantly, it needs professional repair.

Low refrigerant or electrical issues may cause this. No matter the situation, Rescue One Air’s air conditioner repair experts can fix it.


Help With Your AC In Phoenix? Contact An Expert

Need Help With Your AC In Phoenix? Contact An Expert For Advice And Help

Professional HVAC technicians can swiftly diagnose and fix system issues. Repairing your AC unit yourself may save money but cost you more in the long term. Without suitable training and tools, you could harm your unit or cause new issues.

Don’t let a malfunctioning air conditioner ruin your summer - contact Rescue One Air!

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