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Setting Your AC With Phoenix AC Maintenance

What should my AC's fan setting be? Your air conditioning system doesn't just rely on a thermostat to keep your house cool. The fan setting on your HVAC system is another crucial factor to consider.

You may have a more comfortable house while saving money on energy with the correct fan setting.

For optimal comfort and savings at home, homeowners who aren't completely familiar with their HVAC system must know the fan setting. Your trustworthy HVAC company, Rescue One Air, has some suggestions.


Two Fan Settings are Auto & On

Most air conditioners have two fan settings. Only the air in your car circulates when your air conditioner is cooling. If you leave it on all day, the fan will run nonstop and circulate air around the house whether the air conditioner is turned on.

Both environments provide strong arguments to meet your unique comfort needs and preferences.


Auto Setting

Utilizing the automated fan setting will save you energy. Additionally, you can twist the device off if it isn't functioning properly. The auto setting gives the fan a break, enabling it to run for longer periods. The biggest problem with a fully automated fan is that the inside air becomes noticeably stagnant when it is not in use, allowing dust, grime, and other airborne contaminants to build up.


On Setting

The fan will operate continuously after you switch it on, purifying the air in your house. This setting is great for people who are very allergic to specific foods, have significant respiratory issues, or have other health issues. However, since dust can clog them, updating your air filters regularly would be beneficial.

Long-term use of your fan has the drawback of potentially increasing energy costs and possibly increasing the frequency of fan motor replacement.


Setting Your AC With Phoenix AC Maintenance

Get Help Setting AC With Phoenix AC Maintenance

Which would you prefer: saving money on energy or keeping your ventilation system running for better indoor air quality? Everything depends on you! You might also look for alternative solutions to benefit from both environments while retaining control and comfort inside.

If you need help choosing which fan setting to utilize, Rescue One Air is here to help. Call us at once to get the ideal fan setup.

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