Can You Replace Just the Outer AC Unit? Tempe AC Replacement

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Can You Replace Just the Outside AC Unit may be something you ask an AC repair company when you have issues? They may come back with four choices for you to think about. Replace only the compressor, or replace the whole condensing unit, which is the outside unit. You can move up in difficulty and cost and change the condensing unit and the indoor evaporator coil.

If everything is shot, then it could be you are advised to replace your whole cooling and heating system, which comprises the condensing unit, indoor coil and air handler or furnace.

Some companies may usher you in this direction as it’s more money for them, yet don’t rush and make sure you find the best Air Conditioning Replacement company in Tempe, AZ.


Best Choice for Air Conditioning Replacement in Tempe, AZ

A reliable air conditioning company won’t try and steer you in the direction of purchasing an entirely new system. If there are options, then you can get the best advice from your air conditioning replacement company.


Replacing only the compressor

The compressor is an essential component of your outside unit. Replace just the compressor if the compressor is already under warranty.

When to replace the condensing unit

If one or more of the following conditions apply and the compressor is no longer under warranty, we suggest replacing the outside unit:

  • Money is tight right now, and you have no idea when things will get better.
  • Since the manufacturer’s warranty already covers the compressor, you’ll have to pay for labor to repair it.
  • On your AC heat pump, no other major components have failed.
  • The furnace or inside appliance was recently replaced.


When to replace the condensing unit and indoor coil

Replacing the outdoor unit and not the indoor coil is like changing the engine in an old vehicle. It’ll start, but it won’t do much more for you.

While replacing the condensing unit and indoor coil is more costly, it provides the following benefits:

  • A new warranty.
  • Lower combined installation costs.
  • Improved energy efficiency.
  • Possible Rebates.
  • Less expensive and better refrigerant.


AC Repair Near Me AZ


Entire Air Conditioning Replacement Tempe, AZ

If you want or need a complete air conditioning replacement, you need the help of a top company. If it is time, you will find many benefits when dealing with the premier air conditioning replacement company.


  • The best energy efficiency
  • The quietest operation
  • More rebates and better pricing
  • Better humidity control
  • Matched technology


All the way, a replacement AC system offers the best in terms of cost-effectiveness and performance. When you have the right company on your side, your AC can even pay for itself in utility cost savings.

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