Can a Leak in Air Conditioner Be Fixed? Phoenix AC Repair

Where Do I Find Phoenix AC Maintenance?

When fixing a leaking air conditioner, no one does it better than Rescue One Air. Leaking air conditioners are common, but they can sometimes be fixed. However, if the issue is ignored, it could worsen to the point where you need the help of an AC repair expert.

Your air conditioner may leak water if the drain pan is broken, the condensate drains are clogged, or the air filter is clogged.

Discover more about the benefits of regular Phoenix Air Conditioning maintenance to avoid costly repairs.


Fixing Air Conditioning In Phoenix Means Addressing Clogged Filters

Replace the air filter or, at the very least, inspect it every 30 days, especially during peak usage seasons.

Most filters need to be replaced every 30-60 days, but when used with a pre-filter, a HEPA filter will trap even the finest particles and last up to 1-2 years. Contact Rescue Air One for an air filtration consultation.

Because of a dirty air filter, your evaporator coils will freeze, and when they defrost, water may spill. A dirty air filter can also prevent your air conditioner from turning on; therefore, check the filter first for most air conditioner problems!


In Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair, Cracked Pans and Pipes Are Addressed

This is the second most common reason for leaks. First, find the overflow drain pan and check it for cracks. Next, the HVAC system can be inspected with the help of a flashlight in the attic or the basement.

When the system is off, it's easier to spot leaks and other problems in the drain line and the pan. Condensate from your evaporator coil will collect in the drain pan, typically connected to the outside via a pipe. Look for broken or clogged drain lines and a damaged drain pan.

Epoxy glue can be used to repair cracks, but an AC repair expert can ensure that a replacement pan drains appropriately as part of routine Air conditioning maintenance. With their help, you can stop mold from growing.

An obstruction in the condensate drainpipe could cause the water's inability to escape. Finding a block or installing a new pipe may be difficult, but not for an experienced AC repair technician.


Where Do I Find Phoenix AC Maintenance?

Some people use bleach to clean their pipes, but it's best to let AC repair handle any mold issues that may arise.

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