Chandler AC Repair. Main Causes of AC Failure

Chandler AC Repair. Main Causes of AC Failure

You don’t want to spend another summer in a home or company with a broken air conditioner. This is exacerbated in hot climates. A broken AC causes significant humidity and temperature rise.

Don’t risk your summer comfort again! Learn how to avoid common AC problems with Chandler AC repair experts Rescue One Air.


Low-Refrigerant Needs Chandler AC Repair

Refrigerant is a chemical blend in an AC unit that lowers room temperature as it turns liquid to gas. Low refrigerant levels may not efficiently cool air. In the cooling process, the refrigerant does not reduce or get consumed; it merely turns liquid in the condenser unit.

Regular activities don’t reduce refrigerant levels; thus, your AC unit should keep the same quantity. But that’s not always the case. AC units are prone to progressive wear and tear, creating leaks.


Hire Certified Chandler HVAC Professional For AC Leaks

The indoor evaporator coil holds refrigerant. Warm air must pass around the coils for the AC to work. If the airflow is blocked, the evaporator gets too cold, and ice forms. How to spot the issue.


  • Overheated building
  • No air or heated air from the register
  • Water spills near the AC leak
  • Iced evaporator coil


Contact Rescue One Air To Fix AC Problems

Regular AC maintenance prevents evaporator coil freeze-ups. Before summer and after winter, call a Chandler AC maintenance expert to clean and tune up your system.


Fan Issues

An AC unit contains two fans, one on the inside to pump cold air into the house and another on the outside to blow air across the evaporator coils to remove heat from the air and cool it. If one fails, the unit’s efficiency is reduced. Your air conditioner can break if you ignore the problem.

It’s easy to find if the fans are working. Walk around the unit and listen. If there’s a humming sound, the blades turn, and the fans work. If there is no sound to show the compressor is working and the fan isn’t working, the problem is likely with a compressor contactor.

The motor or AC is likely at fault if the compressor is working, but the fan won’t turn. Unless you have experience with high-voltage machinery and electrical currents, you should never fix the problem yourself. You risk significant injury by handling the capacitors.


Ducts Leaking

Cool air from the AC is delivered via ductwork. Chilled air may leak out if a duct is faulty or has gaps. The AC works harder, raising utility expenses.

Thermostat Malfunctions

Thermostats can malfunction over time, especially if they are antiquated or not adjusted properly. Your AC won’t get proper instructions from the central system. Replace a broken thermostat or adjust it using the handbook.

Wearing out

AC parts wear out. If your system is ancient, you should have a professional inspect the prone-to-damage fan blades and compressor coil. Worn-out parts should be changed before they generate an emergency repair call.

Bad breakers

A defective circuit may cause air conditioner failure. As easy as it is to replace a blown breaker, it’s perilous since you find working with a high-voltage electrical system. If you don’t know how to replace the breaker, contact us.


Get Quality AC Repair With Rescue One Air in Chandler

Regular maintenance can prevent most air conditioner problems, and experts from Rescue One Air can tune up and inspect your HVAC system.

So, you’ll find regular maintenance saves money by preventing AC breakdowns.

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