Chandler AC Repair. Why Do I Have A Leaking Air Conditioner?

Chandler AC Repair. Why Do I Have A Leaking Air Conditioner?

Why Does My Air Conditioner Keep Leaking? Your HVAC technician can fix common air conditioner leaks. However, putting off dealing with these issues could lead to much larger problems down the road, requiring expensive emergency AC repair.

A faulty drain pan, clogged condensate drains, or a clogged air filter could all cause water to leak from your air conditioner. You can learn more about why you should hire a Chandler AC repair service to help you avoid costly repairs by clicking here.


Chandler Air Conditioning Repair Is Necessary If Air Filters Are Clogged

If you want your air filter to last as long as possible, replace it or have it inspected once a year, preferably before peak usage times.

With a pre-filter in place, HEPA filters can last up to two years, capturing even the tiniest particles. Get in touch with Rescue Air One for advice on air filtration.

You can expect water leakage during defrosting if your air filter is dirty. If your air conditioner's filter is dirty, it might not turn on.


Professional Air Conditioning Service Technicians for Non-Draining Pipes

Find the overflow drain pan and check it for cracks. Then, you can inspect the HVAC unit in the attic or basement with the help of a flashlight.

The drain line and drain pan should be inspected for leaks and cracks when the unit is turned off.

The condensate from your evaporator coil will collect in the drain pan, which is usually connected to the outside via a pipe. Investigate the drain for cracks or other damage to prevent leaks.


Chandler AC Repair. Why Do I Have A Leaking Air Conditioner?

Find a Chandler Air Conditioning Leak Expert

A professional AC repair service technician can confirm that a replacement pan drains appropriately, but epoxy glue can heal cracks in your air conditioning units. Using their advice, you can prevent mold from ever taking hold.

A blocked condensate drainpipe could cause the water's inability to escape. Although it may be inconvenient for you, a professional AC repair service technician will have no trouble locating the blockage or putting in the replacement pipe.

Some try to do it themselves, but there is more to cleaning pipes than meets the eye. It's safer, cleaner, and much less inconvenient to have an air conditioning repair service that cares of any mold issues.

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