Chandler AC Repair. Why Keep HVAC Repair On Standby

Chandler AC Repair. Why Keep HVAC Repair On Standby

When the power goes out, it can halt even the most fundamental household routines. If, for some reason, your home's air conditioner isn't blowing after a power outage, check the electrical panel for the connections that supply energy to the various parts of your cooling system.

If this is the case, try turning on the air conditioner after you've reset the circuit breaker; if that doesn't work, you may need to call in an expert for air conditioning repair in Chandler, Arizona.

Circuit breakers manage indoor and outdoor parts of your central air conditioning system. In the event of a surge, the breaker will trip and cut power to the circuit before a storm completely knocks out power.

One part's breaker may have tripped, but another hasn't. So there won't be any cool air, for instance, if the breaker for the outdoor AC parts trips but the breaker for the indoor AC parts doesn't. In case of doubt, call Rescue One Air for an inspection of your HVAC system.


Blown Capacitor Replaced By Chandler Air Conditioning Service

If the capacitor fails while the power is out, the compressor will stop working and won't start up again until the power is restored. For example, a capacitor is used to kickstart the compressor in an air conditioner. The capacitor will break if there are any power surges.

Therefore, the indoor and outdoor units function differently, with the latter serving to exchange heat. Unfortunately, the heat exchange process is incomplete during the cooling cycle, so the air conditioner cannot produce cool air.

The status of the capacitor can be seen by looking into the canister-shaped outdoor device that sits atop the compressor. If the capacitor has failed, the top will bulge and possibly leak oil. A professional HVAC technician's services would be required here.


After A Power Outage, I Lost My Air Conditioning.

You risk having problems with your air conditioner's compressor if there is a power surge. When the compressor stops working, there is no cool air to transfer heat. In addition, due to a lack of refrigerant, the compressor cannot adequately cool the appliance, releasing warm air.

The trusted AC specialist at Rescue One Air will inspect the compressor and let you know if the blackout damages it. If the compressor in the machine fails, it will need to be replaced.


Chandler AC Repair. Why Keep HVAC Repair On Standby


Get AC Service in Chandler, AZ

The most inopportune moments often feature power trips. For example, if your air conditioner doesn't immediately begin pumping out cold air when the power comes back on, check the circuit breakers to see if one of them has tripped and cut power to the device outside.

The next stage is reached if this is not the case. Contact Rescue One Air or fill out the compact form below for a quick answer if your breakers trip after resetting.

You can check out our customer reviews or browse through the Rescue One Air video library to see our AC repair service crews in action for further information.

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