Chandler AC Replacement. Why Replace My Air Conditioning

A quarter of American families use window AC units to stay cool. Now that summer has gone, you may not think it is the ideal time to change your AC, but now is a great time to evaluate whether you need to replace your home's cooling system if you only have window AC units.

Here, you can learn more about why it is worth speaking to the best Chandler AC replacement company to switch from window AC to central air conditioning:


Chandler AC Replacement Offers Energy Efficiency

When buying a new appliance, how essential is energy efficiency? Window air conditioners are inefficient in many ways:

Significant air leakage can cause window air conditioners to run longer and use more energy. It not only wastes electricity but also contributes to increased humidity in the home.

No diverter between your window AC unit's cold air supply and the room's air return vent saves electricity (and money). Why? Almost none of the cool air your AC blows into your room. The rest doesn't cool. Instead, it's recirculated. So, you pay for cool air from your AC, but only a portion of it goes to your room.

Window AC units are less efficient than central AC units due to air leakage and recirculation. Energy efficiency also saves money.


Air Conditioning Replacement Means More Savings

Remember that your upfront system prices aren't the only expenses to consider; monthly energy bills should also be included.

Window AC units are less efficient than most central AC systems, so your monthly rates may rise.

Three or more window AC units can cost more than one central AC unit. This is because you're employing three different systems to cool the space. Not to mention, repeatedly opening or closing the door wastes energy and increases your bills.


A New Air Conditioning Unit Offers More Comfort

If you want a more comfortable cooling system, consider central air conditioning.

Even in hot Chandler, you don't need air conditioning all year. You need to remove and store your hefty window AC unit during the cooler months, which means twice a year. With central air conditioning, you don't even have to move it.

Unlike central air conditioning, which distributes cold air in oyur home, a window unit cools one room. That means you could be perfectly cool and comfy one minute and sweating the next.

Not being able to open a window: Opening windows to let fresh air in and air out your home is a pleasant experience. The AC unit blocks the window, so you can't open it, which is difficult if it's the only window in the room.


A New AC Unit Offers More Appeal

A window AC unit is big and noisy. Finally, a central AC system has more visual, auditory, and curb appeal than a window AC unit.

Due to the cosmetic appeal, some customers choose to replace their window AC with central AC. A window unit blocks half of your window with a big box, reducing natural light in your home.

A central AC, on the other hand, is hidden and unnoticed. Consider central AC if you enjoy the look of full windows and natural light.

Central air conditioning is usually quieter than window units. Why? Although central air conditioning makes noise, the outside unit is out of sight and out of earshot.


Where Is My Best Chandler Air Conditioning Replacement?

Central air conditioning is a solid investment, and with the right system, you could improve your home's value by 10%, as many buyers won't consider homes without central air.

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