Chandler, AZ AC Maintenance. How Often To Service AC?

Chandler, AZ AC Maintenance. How Often To Service AC?

When is it recommended to service an air conditioner? Heating and cooling systems should be serviced annually, as recommended by experts. Of course, it's ideal for servicing your air conditioner in the spring, but you should do it whenever it seems to be acting up.

Air conditioners that are serviced regularly save their owners both time and money. Listen to the advice of HVAC specialists and have your unit checked out before the summer heat hits.

Learn why it's in your best interest to hire a professional Chandler, AZ Air Conditioning Maintenance team to take care of your air conditioner.


What Does Chandler, AZ AC Tune-Up Consist Of?

It's good news that professional AC repair isn't always necessary. You can do some of the upkeep for your air conditioner yourself or hire a professional.

Maintaining a healthy machine requires regular maintenance, including replacing the air filter. Find the filter slot, slide out the old one, and slide in the new one to see if you need to call in a pro to fix your air conditioner. Think about how air will flow and which side should be exposed.

You can choose the "strength" of your filter based on how thoroughly you want to clean the air in your home. In addition, they have varying replacement schedules. For households with pets, a higher-rated filter that needs to be replaced monthly is a good choice.

It's the same deal if anyone in your household is allergic to dust. If you want to avoid having to remember to replace your air conditioner's filter every 90 days, you can have the maintenance team take care of it for you.


How Do I Service My AC?

With the new filter, you can finish some of your outstanding tasks. First, you should clean all of the vents inside your home. Then, put a cup of bleach diluted in the water down the outside unit's drain to kill mold and algae.

Then, check to see if the system:

  • It is situated on a flat floor
  • There is no dirt clogging it up
  • It has a minimum of 2 feet of clearance
  • There is good-quality insulation on the pipes

Note: If you don’t think you can clean it without dismantling it, it’s time to call your Air Conditioning Maintenance professionals from Rescue One Air.


When to Call a Pro for Air Conditioner Maintenance in Your Home

You should call a Chandler air conditioning repair service if you turn on your system and hear strange noises or discover that it isn't producing cool air. It would help if you started immediately because you don't want a minor problem to snowball into a significant undertaking.

Contact Rescue One Air to schedule any air conditioning maintenance, or if you have other urgent needs or questions, drop us a line and complete the compact form below for a fast response.

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