Control AC With Proper Fan Settings. Tempe AC Maintenance

Control AC With Proper Fan Settings. Tempe AC Maintenance

Your A/C unit does not rely just on a thermostat to work your home cool. Another essential element to consider is the fan setting on your HVAC system. With the proper fan setting, you may have a more comfortable home while saving energy and money.

Knowing the fan setting for homeowners who aren’t familiar with how their HVAC system works is critical for maximum comfort and savings at home. Rescue One Air, your dependable HVAC company, has some suggestions.


Auto And On Are The Two Fan Settings

Most air conditioning units have two fan settings. When your air conditioner is in the cooling cycle, the air only circulates in your auto. Turning it on all day means that the fan will operate continuously and spread air around the house, regardless of whether or not the A/C is on.

These settings offer compelling reasons to suit your particular comfort demands and preferences.


The automated fan setting reduces your energy use. However, if the unit isn’t operating correctly, you may quickly turn it off.

The auto setting provides the fan a respite, allowing it to run for more extended periods. The main issue with a completely automated fan is that the indoor air becomes notably stagnant when it is not in use, allowing dust, grime, and other air contaminants to accumulate.


When you turn on the fan, it will run continually, filtering the air within your home. This environment is ideal for persons allergic to certain things, have severe respiratory troubles, or have other health challenges.

However, it would help to replace your air filters regularly, as dust can block them over time.

The disadvantage of turning your fan on for long periods is that your energy bills may rise, and you may need to replace the fan motor more frequently.


Get Help To Choose The Best AC Setting for Your Home

Would you rather keep your ventilation system operating for better indoor air quality or save money on energy? It’s entirely up to you! But, of course, you could also seek other solutions where you can benefit from both settings while still saving energy and maintaining indoor comfort.


Control AC With Proper Fan Settings. Tempe AC Maintenance

Get Help With Fan Settings From Tempe AC Maintenance

Rescue One Air is here to assist you if you have time in determining which fan setting to use. At the same time, you can have your AC given a once-over to be sure it’s running at its optimum.

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