Do I Change My AC Filter Now? Chandler AC Maintenance

Your Home Is Full Of Dust. Use Chandler AC Maintenance

Air filters remove most allergies, dust, filth, and microbes from the air in your home. One reason to maintain your HVAC system is to prevent the air filter from clogging because they will continue to do so until they become clogged.

But if clogging occurs, various indicators will let you know it's time to replace the air filter.

Here are some signs that it's time to call Chandler AC Maintenance and inspect your air conditioning system.


AC Systems Running For Extended Periods  

A dirty air filter may cause your air conditioner to run longer than usual.

Through the air filter, your air conditioner draws warm air into your home and removes the heat to cool it. The amount of air your air conditioner can absorb for each cooling cycle will be reduced if your air filter is clogged.

In the end, this implies that your air conditioner will need to run longer to attain the temperature you set on your thermostat because it will chill your home with fewer cycles.

If this is the issue, check your air filter and replace it if it's unclean. If the filter is clean, you can still have a more severe issue that needs the help of a Chandler Air Conditioning maintenance specialist.


Utility Bills Have Risen  

A clogged air filter may be to blame if your electricity bill has increased despite the cause that the local weather hasn't changed much.

Because it can't operate effectively when the air filter is unclean, your air conditioner will have to operate longer and harder to cool your home. This will ultimately result in higher energy costs for you.

However, call a technician if you check your air filter and discover it to be dirty.

A part of your air conditioning system may be broken, resulting in higher utility costs and a chance of long-term system damage. It might be time to contact your Chandler AC maintenance professional.


Chandler AC Maintenance

Your Home Is Full Of Dust. Use Chandler AC Maintenance

If you notice a dust buildup in your home, it can signify that your air filter is dirty.

Before they reach your air conditioner, dust and other debris are caught by your air filter. This keeps the air in your home clean and prevents the interior components of your air conditioning system from traveling dust. But when it becomes clogged, your air filter loses its efficiency, which could explain why you notice more dust amassing on your home's surfaces.

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