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How do you diagnose HVAC problems? Your home's HVAC system, like any other complicated mechanical system, comprises many components that must all work together for the system to run smoothly and efficiently.

Your HVAC unit will perform properly if all these components are well-maintained and work properly. This is significant to you because of the system's potential to deliver comfort and good indoor air quality while also lowering your energy expenditures.

Rescue One Air is the best to call when something goes wrong with your HVAC system in Tempe, so service can be restored quickly and effectively.

The following failure reasons are among the most common for HVAC units. Therefore, if your system isn't working properly, it's for one of these reasons.


Dirty Filters Need Tempe AC Maintenance

If this is the only problem with your HVAC system, it's a simple fix. During peak seasons of warmth or cold, filters should be changed weekly to ensure that all trapped pollutants are removed rather than recirculated throughout the home. When filters aren't changed regularly, pollutants build a barrier that prevents airflow, making an HVAC unit work twice as hard.

While it may not be the busiest time of year for your HVAC system, changing your filter every three months is a reasonable rule of thumb. If your filter is washable, you can wash it when it is dirty or change it every one to two months.

One of the most common reasons we see heating and cooling systems fail is because the filter isn't changed. This is the most straightforward aspect of preventative maintenance.


Broken Thermostats Need Tempe AC Repair

Broken thermostats are the core cause of many more HVAC system problems than you may think, and, fortunately, this is one of the simplest and least expensive repairs you can make to your heating or cooling system. The major disadvantage of the thermostat being the source of so many problems is that it is usually not visible to the inhabitants and requires the knowledge and skills of a professional to uncover it.

If your thermostat is broken, now is an excellent time to upgrade it to a modern smart thermostat to save money on your energy bills while also increasing your convenience.


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Leaking Refrigerant May Need AC Replacements

This is a typical issue with air conditioners, and it can cause either poor or no performance if the problem is severe enough. Condenser units in your air conditioner require refrigerant to chill incoming air for your home, and if there isn't enough refrigerant in the system, the air conditioner won't work properly.

With low refrigerant levels, the condenser works harder than it should, causing additional issues that can lead to a full breakdown.


Tripped Breakers Can Be Fixed with Tempe AC Professionals

When your HVAC unit does not work at all, the circuit breaker may be tripped, and the breaker provides the flow of energy that powers the unit. You might restore electricity by resetting the breaker, but there's also a chance that the breaker was tripped by something else.

If resetting the breaker solves the problem, it could have been a fluke, but if the breaker trips again, it's best to call a professional AC repair company.

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