How To Clean Mold From An AC? Tempe AC Maintenance

How To Clean Mold From An AC? Tempe AC Maintenance

In what way can I remove mold from my air conditioner? Any air conditioner can benefit from regular cleaning to increase its lifespan and decrease the need for costly repairs.

Cleaning the dust and debris from the evaporator and condenser coils and cooling fins are a crucial part of AC maintenance in Tempe.

While thorough cleaning is essential, many homeowners who discover mold are motivated to seek the help of local Tempe AC Maintenance specialists.

You can do general cleaning, but if you make a mistake and dirty water with mold seeps into your home, it's best to leave it to the pros.


If you want to clean your window air conditioner, follow these procedures.

  1. Cut off all electricity and remove the primary connections. If the circuit is hard-wired, the breaker must be turned off.
  2. It is necessary to release the charge from your capacitor. Because the capacitor may store energy even when the air conditioner is off, this is crucial information.
  3. Once the electricity is turned off, you can use a damp towel to clean the outside of your unit.
  4. Take off the trim panel and filter holder from the front of the air conditioner. These are often attached with removable clips.
  5. Take the window air conditioner out of its mounting frame and casing for thorough cleaning. The case's screws are often on the underside. The troublesome phase is now upon us. Air conditioners are cumbersome and dangerous to move around without the help of local Tempe AC Maintenance professionals.
  6. It's smart to get going with the cooling fins. But, first, use a fin comb to straighten out crooked fins. Hardware stores are an excellent place to look for a comb like this.
  7. Remove any dust or dirt from your coils by vacuuming them. However, a vacuum won't help if the trash is wet, and you'll need an A/C coil cleaning solution instead. Hardware stores are an excellent place to look for AC maintenance supplies, even though they may be got online.
  8. Use a clean cloth and some household cleaner to disinfect the fan blades.


Air filters need to be regularly cleansed and cleaned to get rid of dust and debris that have accumulated in them. Replace the filter in your air conditioner if it uses a disposable filter. Throughout the warmer months, you'll have to do this monthly.

Disassemble and let everything dry before putting it back together. Dust will stick to the system and cause it to become clogged whenever it meets water. This causes problems with mold growth.


How To Clean Mold From An AC? Tempe AC Maintenance


Get Help From Tempe AC Maintenance To Stop AC Mold

There are several ways that water can get into your window air conditioner and start growing mold.

This can be avoided by keeping your air conditioner clean, but if you want to be sure it's spotless from top to bottom, call the pros at Tempe AC Maintenance. If you hire professionals to service your air conditioner, you have full backup from the best AC maintenance company in the region.

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