How To Maintain An HVAC Furnace. Phoenix AC Maintenance

How To Maintain An HVAC Furnace. Phoenix AC Maintenance

How should a heating and air conditioning furnace be maintained? You probably have better things to do with your time than worry about furnace maintenance. However, there are many benefits to working on a heating system during the off-season, when the weather is more agreeable. What time of year is best to have our Phoenix furnace serviced on the weekend?

You can perform the majority of the care for a modern furnace. However, before you do anything else, check to see that your heater and air conditioner are in good working order for the appropriate seasons.

Air conditioning maintenance experts in Phoenix should handle most of the annual upkeep for your heating system.


A/C Service in Phoenix Removes the Dust

Although homeowners typically do these, not everyone does them. During a cold winter, dust and other particles may accumulate on heaters. Dust may be cleaned for good if the filter and airflow are regularly vacuumed.

To remove dust and debris from the area around the device, use a standard household vacuum fitted with a thin nozzle attachment. Carefully vacuum all the accessible parts of the furnace, then remove the filter and clean the area around it.

Once you've finished servicing the furnace, vacuum the dust out of all the air registers in the house. Don't block vents with furniture or drapes; that would be a waste of energy.


Damaged or Dirty Filters Are Fixed With Phoenix AC Maintenance.

Changing the filter is one of the most basic and essential maintenance procedures. In the colder months, the filter will clean all the air in your house. The filtered air is then cooled in the heat exchanger.

Both scenarios can potentially recirculate air, which can be a breeding ground for allergens and other pollutants. In addition, if the heater is used frequently, the filter must be changed or cleaned once a month.

When this isn't done, the filter quickly becomes clogged and dirty, a common problem in homes.

When it comes time to replace a filter, get one of the right size and MERV rating. The number of particles the filter removes from the air is represented by the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV).

The greater the rating, the greater the filter's ability to trap particles. Don't go higher than the maximum setting on your current filter, which is 16. The highest efficiency hospital filters have a rating of twenty or more.


How To Maintain An HVAC Furnace. Phoenix AC Maintenance

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