Is it Too Soon for AC Maintenance? Chandler, AC Repair


Air Conditioning Maintenance Chandler, AZ

Is it too soon for AC maintenance? This is the ideal time to ensure sure your air conditioner is running well. In between warming temperatures, a Chandler homeowner needs to ensure their cooling system is ready for the height of summer ahead.

Frequent startups of a home HVAC system can cause issues. Proactive maintenance can help keep the unit running smoothly and avoid costly repairs.

Keep your household comfortable all summer with these simple air conditioning maintenance tips from your Chandler AC repair.


Outdoor Unit Need Lots of AC Repair

Remove Debris from Outdoor Coil: If your yard has several trees or bushes, expect debris to have been blown into or against the coil. AC coils transfer heat, and any obstructions reduce their performance. Remove away any block or debris in the area. It is only recommended for areas that have dense debris cover over the winter and windy spring.

Inspect Outdoor Unit Panels: The panels enclose and secure the electrical connections. Ensuring system security is of critical importance. Mismatched or missing panels can also affect equipment performance and cause damage. If a panel has been damaged or lost, call an AC repair technician before you begin the process.

Check Damaged Pipe Insulation: The suction line supplies refrigerant to the compressor in the outdoor unit. Damaged insulation on the suction pipe could cause a cooling unit to fail, resulting in wasted energy. Causes of the damage include sun rot, freezing water, or animals seeking shelter. Ensuring the system’s cooling requires intact insulation. Check for insulation needs before starting the unit.

Check Condenser Covers & Coil Blankets: Protecting the outdoor coil is highly recommended. Verifying that it is secure is essential where wind can cause severe damage. Remove covers and blankets from the system before turning it on. Inspections often overlook unaddressed issues, including unshielded parts.


Indoor Unit Uses AC Repair for Better Air Quality

Check the Supply Vents: Ensure both the supply and return air grills and vents are clean of dust and debris. Pet owners might want to use a vacuum to remove the fine hair that can wreak smaller units. To keep utility bills down, clean the vents and grills.

Change Air Filters: Use heavy use or non-use months to build up dust and debris in the filter. To ensure your indoor unit is running smoothly, change the filter annually. This is one of the essential self-maintenance procedures you can perform.

Check Coil Drainpipes: This is also known as the “condensate line,” which collects condensation in a tray. If the pipe is damaged or displaced, the tray will fill up and could flood the unit. Make sure the line is connected and running.


Get the Best AC Maintenance in Chandler

Early AC system maintenance prevents a sizzling summer from becoming unbearable and helps lower your utility bills. Perform a general inspection of the unit’s overall health and stability.

Call professional help, such as Rescue One Air, to see if your instrument needs repair.

Contact Rescue One Air to schedule your AC repair or replacement. In addition, you can learn more about how to cut costs with regular AC maintenance and intelligent thermostats.

You can check out our customer reviews or browse through the Rescue One Air video library to see our AC repair crews in action for further information.

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