Key Steps To An Efficient Air Conditioner In Chandler, AZ

Advantages of Investing in Regular AC Maintenance in Chandler

Living in Chandler, AZ, during hot weather can be uncomfortable without a reliable air conditioner. But, when temperatures peak in summer, the demand for AC repairs in Chandler, AZ, goes up dramatically.

Unfortunately, the more the air conditioner is used, the more likely it is to experience normal wear and tear, which can lead to breakdowns and costly repairs.

Fortunately, you can take proactive steps to minimize potential AC repair by scheduling a maintenance appointment with an AC maintenance professional from Rescue One Air. This blog post will discuss simple steps to avoid needing Chandler, AZ, air conditioner repair.


When It’s Time to Replace or Clean Your Air Conditioner Filters

Air conditioners use filters to capture dirt and debris that flows through the system. Depending on your system’s filter type, it is necessary to clean or change it regularly.

If you have a disposable filter, swap it out every one to three months. If you have a reusable filter, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for regular cleaning.

This simple task can help improve the efficiency of your air conditioner, potentially reducing energy use by 5-15% by using Chandler AC maintenance regularly.


Improving the Efficiency of Your Evaporator Coil

A clean air conditioning system is essential to a comfortable home environment. Unfortunately, most people cannot consider the importance of keeping their AC system clean.

While filters should be cleaned once or twice a month, to maintain coil cleanliness, wipe down the coil occasionally. Doing so will prevent it from becoming too unclean.


Different AC Maintenance To Schedule With Chandler AC Maintenance Expert

Maintaining the performance of your air conditioner requires keeping its two most essential components, the evaporator coil and the filter, in top condition. In addition, there are some steps you can take to prevent any issues.

These include keeping the immediate area around the house free of debris, setting the thermostat at a moderate temperature to reduce stress on the system, and covering the outdoor unit during the winter. If any problems arise, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a professional from Rescue One Air.


Advantages of Investing in Regular AC Maintenance in Chandler

Advantages of Investing in Regular AC Maintenance in Chandler

Rescue One Air offers AC repair, installation, and maintenance services. Our experienced technicians can help you keep your air conditioner clean and running at peak efficiency.

Contact Rescue One Air Today, us today, to set up an appointment or learn more about our services and read customer reviews and watch our AC repair crews in action in our video library.

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