Phoenix AC Maintenance. Cleaning Window Air Conditioner

Phoenix AC Maintenance. Cleaning Window Air Conditioner

Cleaning the air conditioner, be it a window or wall unit, will extend its life and reduce repair costs. It will also ensure that it operates at total capacity as it’s challenging to produce cold air when the evaporator and condenser coils or cooling fins are dusty or blocked.

Cleaning them thoroughly and straightening bent fins will maintain the unit in good working order.

A comprehensive DIY clean-up is simple, and supplies are inexpensive. However, suppose cleaning does not fix your cooling difficulties. In that case, you might hire a professional–or signing up for Phoenix AC Maintenance, so you know it’s always running correctly.


How To DIY Clean Window Air Conditioner

  1. Remove the unit from any power sources. For example, turn off the associated circuit breaker or unplug the power cords if the AC is linked directly to your home.
  2. Remove the capacitor and discharge it. This vital gadget has an extra charge that aids in the motors start-up. So, it’s critical to get rid of this component before you clean.
  3. Using a Swiffer sheet or a moist towel, clean the outside of the device.
  4. Remove the filter holder/trim panel made of plastic. These will pop off most of the time, but some will be held in place with plastic hooks or screws. If you’re experiencing problems, consult the instructions. Remove the panel from the window or wall gently after removing it.
  5. Remove the mounting frame and casing from your window unit. The case screws are usually found on the bottom edge of the case.
  6. Starting with the cooling fins is an excellent place to start. Using a fin comb, straighten the bent fins. Almost any hardware store will have a fin comb kit.
  7.  Vacuum the coils gently to remove any apparent debris or residue.
  8. A/C coil cleaning can be sprayed on the coils.
  9. Using a cloth and household cleanser, clean the fan blades.


Final Steps of DIY AC Cleaning

The air filter should be cleaned or replaced. If your filter is disposable, change it at least once a month during the summer.

Before reassembling the unit, make sure it is entirely dry. Plug the unit in and turn it on once it’s been rebuilt. Clean up any dirt or debris that falls out of the registers after they’ve been used.

Keeping your air conditioner clean can ensure that it lasts for many more years. Make sure you’re not discharging the capacitor accidentally. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning the unit on your own, hire a Phoenix AC professional to do it for you. Rescue One air is always here to assist you with your HVAC needs.


Phoenix AC Maintenance. Cleaning Window Air Conditioner

Where To Find AC Cleaning help in Tempe, AZ?

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