Phoenix AC Maintenance. Do I Need Clean Condenser Coil?

Phoenix AC Maintenance

Must my condenser coils be clean? Many functions contribute to your comfort when using your air conditioner. It's a complex machine with a lot of moving components, and if one of them stops working, the whole thing can fall apart.

Therefore, having your air conditioner's condenser unit cleaned and serviced regularly is a top priority for AC maintenance experts in Phoenix.

The condenser is a vital part of your system since it expels the hot air from within your home to the outside. It makes a big difference in how well your air conditioner works.


Why Use AC Maintenance For Cleaning Condenser Coil

The outside location of your condensing unit means that it is subject to a wide range of environmental factors that could harm its efficiency.

Internal condenser coils could become caked with dust and grime. This buildup reduces your condenser coil's efficiency and makes heat transfer more challenging.

This causes the unit to exert more effort for no real gain in performance, leading to greater energy consumption. During the scorching Phoenix summers, your air conditioner will likely be on constantly, driving up your cooling costs.

When a condenser coil gets blocked, it makes things more complex and drives up the price of a device that does the same or less work.

Your unit will degrade more rapidly due to the additional stress. Phoenix AC maintenance Service may be necessary sooner than expected if you fail to do routine maintenance on your air conditioner.


Phoenix AC Maintenance

Where to Find AC maintenance To Maintain AC Condenser Coil

If you ignore your condenser coil's maintenance needs, it might cost you a lot of money in the long term, even though you might not give it much thought.

First, clear the area around your outside AC unit of accumulated clutter or trash. Trim hedges and trees by at least two feet to prevent the garbage from blocking drains. Look around after a storm to see if anything got blown in.

The condenser coils should be cleaned at least once a year, ideally twice a year, to keep the system in good working order. To avoid expensive repairs in the future, Phoenix residents should have their air conditioners checked once a year by a professional AC maintenance Service.

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