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Phoenix AC Maintenance

Experts from Rescue One Air are here to give you some insight into a few things you can do to help give your air conditioner an extra boost on the hottest days of the year.

We frequently observe homeowners sitting in their homes on scorching summer days, wishing they could help the air conditioner cool the house. We can understand why. Someone unfamiliar with HVAC systems might find it challenging to understand the specifics of AC technology.

We're talking about some commonplace, simple actions you can take to raise the temperature in your home slightly.

We guarantee that by following our recommendations and scheduling Phoenix air conditioning maintenance, your cooling capacity will improve.


Small Things Matter With AC Efficiency

When the outside temperature soars above 100°, every little helps for comfort. Treating your air conditioner carefully is crucial because it can get sweltering.

By reducing the strain on the system and raising the temperature inside, you can significantly benefit your AC by following these instructions. In addition, you can call Rescue One Air experts to check if your AC is running at peak performance.


Use Your Blinds and Curtains

Unsurprisingly, even a small amount of shade can significantly alter the temperature as you block out the sun.

Having many rooms in your house that receive direct sunlight might look nice, but you're hurting yourself.

Because sunlight causes temperatures to rise, you consciously raise the temperature in rooms with lots of sunlight.

In addition, if your AC thermostat sits in sight of the sun, it could give your AC the wrong signals. Use Rescue One Air, air conditioning maintenance to check your thermostat location.

You can lower the temperature in your house and make it simpler for your air conditioner to cool it.


Use a Ceiling Fan With Your AC Replacement 

With air conditioners, ceiling fans are fantastic. Unfortunately, our homes occasionally have sizable rooms that take a while to cool down. A ceiling fan can move air and make your home feel more relaxed than it is when combined with the clean, cool air from your air conditioner.

AC replacement can ensure you have the right sized air conditioner for your home.


Raise the Temperature

We know what this means. So why do you raise your air conditioner's temperature when it's hot? Too-low temperatures won't cool your home faster.

Air conditioners can't reliably cool a home below 20°F. Remember this. Raising your air conditioner's temperature allows it to cool your home with less stress.


Phoenix AC Maintenance 

Get Help With Phoenix AC Maintenance

Schedule maintenance is a fantastic way to ensure you get the most out of your AC.

Even though summer is trailing behind us, there is still time for temperatures to soar. A technician can examine your AC's operation and ensure it's up to the task by scheduling Phoenix AC maintenance.

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