Phoenix AC Maintenance. How Should I Maintain Furnace?

Phoenix AC Maintenance. How Should I Maintain Furnace?

How do I care for my heating system? Maintenance of the heating system is the last thing on your mind right now. However, there are advantages to performing heating system maintenance in the off-season when temperatures are more agreeable. When would you recommend I get my furnace serviced in Phoenix?

The homeowner can do much of the upkeep for a modern furnace. But first, check that your heating and cooling systems are in good working order for the time of year they were manufactured.

Most of the annual upkeep for a heater should be handled by a professional AC maintenance technician in Phoenix.


Having Phoenix's AC Maintenance Service Vacuum and Dust Your Furnace

Despite the common practice, not all homeowners will carry out these responsibilities. Heaters gather dirt and dust during the colder months. Keep the filter and air flowing freely by vacuuming to remove dust particles.

Use a regular vacuum with a thin nozzle attachment to eliminate the dust and dirt around the device. After opening the furnace cover and carefully vacuuming all the components within reach, remove the filter and clean the surrounding space.

After you have finished servicing the furnace, vacuum the dust out of all the air registers in the house. Make sure all registers have free access to the air by clearing the surrounding area of any furniture, drapes, or other potential obstructions.


Phoenix Air Conditioning Filter Replacement

Changing the filter is one of your heater's most straightforward preventative maintenance tasks. During the colder months, the filter will clean all the air in your home. The heat source then chills the filtered air.

Both scenarios allow for recirculated air that is ideal for the proliferation of airborne pollutants. If the heater is on constantly, the filter should be checked and cleaned every month.

In most cases, a dirty filter results from neglect on the homeowner's part.

If a filter needs to be replaced, check that it is the correct size and MERV rating. The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value shows the number of particles that the filter must be able to remove from the air.

The more efficient the filter stops particles, the higher its rating. Don't go higher than the number printed on your current filter; this one says 16. The next tier up, up to 20, are the hospital-grade filters.


Phoenix AC Maintenance. How Should I Maintain Furnace?

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