Phoenix AC Maintenance. Symptoms of Bad AC System

What are the symptoms of a bad air conditioner thermostat? A faulty air conditioner thermostat can create many issues. Modern HVAC programmable thermostats have replaced manual dial ones. Maintain track of the temperature in your home throughout the day.

These revolutionary innovations help you save hundreds of dollars on utility bills by only using your air conditioner when needed while keeping your home pleasant. With increased intelligence and precision, some users find programmable gadgets challenging to use. You may miss concerns like poor AC performance and system failure due to a slight ignorance of how these systems work.

You can discover what to watch for and why it's a good idea to call Rescue One Air, your Phoenix air conditioning maintenance professionals, by visiting this page.


Phoenix Air Conditioning Maintenance Experts

If you're having trouble with your heating or cooling, try these first to see if they help, or call your Phoenix Air Conditioning Maintenance Experts right immediately.

Thermostats from the past, such as round or rectangular models, might be sensitive. If yours is older, check your guidebook and lightly dust the interior and outside with a cloth. If your thermostat is 15 years or older, the wiring may cause problems. These can be replaced with newer, more energy-efficient versions by Phoenix air conditioning maintenance.


  1. Make sure your thermostat is set properly.
  2. To reset the system, turn the thermostat off and on again.
  3. The fan mode can be mistakenly turned occasionally. Make sure the fan is turned off.
  4. Make sure it's not a connection issue by looking at the wiring on the back.
  5. Phoenix air conditioning maintenance can handle all the above and ensure that your air conditioner performs as efficiently as possible.


Does Your AC Turn Off and On?

If your air conditioner is turning on and off too frequently, which is known as rapid cycling, there could be a system with your thermostat. When dirt gets on the contacts, it might cause rapid cycling. You can check the following or sign up for regular Phoenix air conditioning maintenance if your system cycles too often.

Remove the lid and check the level of the sub-base. It won't work properly if it employs a mercury switch that isn't level. To level this, check the owner's manual or contact a local air conditioning maintenance.

Problems can arise if your thermostat takes temperature readings from adjacent locations. It can alter readings if your thermostat is near a heat source, such as a ceiling fan or a sunny window. Place thermostats in a central area or ask your Phoenix air conditioning maintenance to help you in determining the optimal location.

Rapid cycling shows a problem. Inspect filters to ensure they aren't clogged and check with your AC maintenance to see if they need to be replaced.


Where to Locate Phoenix AC Repair

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