Phoenix AC Maintenance. Top Tips for Efficient AC Use

Phoenix AC Maintenance. Top Tips for Efficient AC Use

We’re finally getting a break after what has felt like the dead of winter for the previous few weeks! But, unfortunately, this isn’t the time to rejoice just yet, because temperatures will smash records in the opposite direction before we know it, and your air conditioner may not keep up.

Not that Phoenix, AZ, air conditioning isn’t designed to cope with our oppressive heat. Most air conditioners are built to last and should keep you cool all summer. However, some homeowners require a little prodding in the right direction, mainly if their air conditioner needs repair.

Before the weather heats up, here are some common areas on your air conditioner that could do with some attention. Knowing what to check for with your Phoenix AC maintenance is crucial, so a faulty AC unit does not catch you off guard.


AC Filters Deserve Attention from AC Maintenance

Do you remember the air filter? You have to change that part of your air conditioner every few months to make it work, right? Dust will probably be on it. So before your air conditioner starts up for the season, you need to clean it.

If it’s hot outside, check your air filter and return the air duct before you turn on your AC again this summer. This is how it looks. This is a suitable time to change your filter if it is bad shape. This will ensure that your system can start on a good note.


Use Your AC Slow, To Begin With

Some people want to get their air conditioners up and running right away, making things more complicated. So instead, they’ll turn it on full blast and turn it down to the low 60s as soon as they can. This isn’t a good idea. It will waste both time and money, and it’s not going to work.

An air conditioner can only cool down to about 20 degrees below the outside temperature. So don’t expect your air conditioner to keep your home below 70 degrees on the first 90-degree day. However, if your system can’t even moderately cool your home, you’re better off calling us. We can help you.


Phoenix AC Maintenance Can Deal with Noisy AC Units

When it’s hot outside on the first day of the year, we get a lot of complaints from people who don’t know how noisy their air units are. This is unwelcome news, whether it’s a problem from last year or one that just came to light today.

Our team can figure out what’s wrong, fix or replace the broken part, and get you back on track.


Phoenix AC Maintenance. Top Tips for Efficient AC Use

Cost and Overall Maintenance Come from Phoenix AC Maintenance

An air conditioner might not work as well if a problem hasn’t been fixed. For example, if your air conditioner is always running and using up all the electricity in your home, there’s a problem with it. This will make your electricity costs go up a lot. Rescue One Air can help.

Things that aren’t a big deal but need to be fixed can be found. For example, an air conditioner needs to be serviced once a year, so this is an example. Because most problems happen in the summer, it’s best to get this service done in the spring.

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