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Your home's HVAC system contains many parts. Some are more vital than others, but they all work together to maintain the optimum temperature in your home.

Because these systems have so many components, you may need heating and cooling repairs. Unfortunately, there are a few frequent causes of heating and cooling system failure. Rescue One Air in Phoenix would like to educate you on frequent HVAC issues.


Heater Issues Need Expert Phoenix AC Repair

The thermostat allows you to set the temperature in your home. This thermostat will advise the furnace or air conditioner how much treated air to create. If your home isn't warm or chilly enough, your thermostat may be broken.

The thermostat may be defective and must be changed. In other circumstances, the thermostat is mis-calibrated and cannot communicate with the furnace and air conditioner.

You can adjust your thermostat, but a heating and air conditioning expert from Rescue One Air can help.


Filters Need Cleaning Or Changing With AC Maintenance

Air filters prevent dust and grime from entering and exiting the duct system. These air filters also catch dust, keeping it out of your home. However, if your air filters are unclean, you may restrict airflow, causing your systems to work less efficiently.

This will raise your utility bills and stress your systems. Instead, replace your air filter at least every six months, but monitor them. If they get dirty within a month, your ducting may be dusty. If this is the case, engage an HVAC specialist to clean your ducts.

Not doing so may damage excessive wear and tear on your system, resulting in component failure. Therefore, it is preferable to select duct cleaning services over HVAC repair services.


Lack of Upkeep: Solved With Phoenix AC Maintenance

Lack of maintenance is one of the leading reasons for HVAC repairs. During the winter and summer, your heating and cooling systems run continuously to keep your home warm or cool. Inspect your system before summer so that any broken components can be repaired or replaced.

This will prevent your air conditioner from working when you need it. Regular maintenance also saves money on costly repairs. Inspect your furnace in the fall. This will prevent the furnace from breaking down throughout the winter. Winter and summer are also the busiest seasons for HVAC technicians, so if your system breaks down, you may have time to find a repair provider who can replace it quickly.


No Spark Means AC Repair

If you have a gas furnace, your ignition system ignites the gas so the fire can heat the air. If your furnace doesn't start, the pilot light may be out. Instead of checking your pilot to light yourself, Rescue One Air in Phoenix suggests calling a professional.

If a gas leak occurs, you and your home may be at risk. Also, dust buildup on the pilot light can prevent it from lighting. It would help if a specialist cleaned the pilot light regularly to avoid future issues. Finally, if your electric furnace is not producing hot air, get the heating element inspected by a specialist.


Get Help With AC Repair in Phoenix


Where To Get Help With AC Repair in Phoenix?

These are some issues that require heating and air conditioning repairs. If you want to avoid paying for HVAC repairs, you should have your system maintained regularly. Rescue One Air will help you with furnace and air conditioner repairs and any other service you may require.

To be sure you get your AC fixed in the shortest possible time, Contact Rescue One Air to schedule maintenance or find out more about the best AC maintenance services in your home or office. You can complete the compact form below for a fast response.

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