Phoenix AC Repair. Tips for Spring AC Maintenance

Phoenix AC Repair. Tips for Spring AC Maintenance

There's just one way to beat the summer heat: have a fully running air conditioner. Are you sure your air conditioning system in Phoenix, AZ, is in good working order?

Follow these basic A/C maintenance instructions to keep your unit in good working order in the spring and summer seasons. You can contact your Phoenix AC repair.


Air Filters Should Be Replaced

We put this at the top since it's the most straightforward task you can complete on your own. Take the time to change your clogged filters with clean ones unless you want a ballooning energy bill, a poorly working unit, or musty, dusty air streaming out of your vents.

Every 1-3 months, this should be done to keep your unit in good working order.


Make Sure the Area Around Your Outdoor Units Is Clear

Most Phoenix, AZ homeowners notice the condenser unit's detriment to the appearance of their home. As a result, they usually surround the unit with bushes, shrubs, and casings.

This is fine if you regularly inspect the case for dust, twigs, and leaves or if the plants have grown too large and suffocated the unit. The condenser requires enough breathing room to take in as much air as it requires functioning. Make sure there are no obstacles in the way.


Use Smart Thermostats

You may save a lot of money on your energy expenses by using a smart thermostat. Although upgrading your manually operated device is more of a home construction project than a maintenance tip, Rescue One Air recommends them to help your air conditioning run correctly and save money.


Clear Drainage Holes

The drainage hole is usually found near the bottom of the A/C cabinet. You must keep the hole free, so your air conditioner can work properly.

You can clean this valuable portion using a small wirework or a paper clip because the hole is too small to clean manually.


Examine Home Insulation

When your home is full of holes, gaps, and openings that enable conditioned air to escape, running your air conditioner at full blast is pointless.

Apart from inadequate comfort, you'll have to deal with an overheating air conditioner and a hefty energy cost. Ensure your windows, doors, floors, and walls are adequately insulated to avoid this calamity.


Seal Ducts

Duct systems should always be part of your air conditioning maintenance check, even if you don't think about them. However, because this isn't something you can perform on your own, you'll need the assistance of a licensed professional in Phoenix, AZ.


Phoenix AC Repair. Tips for Spring AC Maintenance


Where To Get Help with Phoenix AC Repair

Do you require the services of an air conditioning maintenance company to execute the previous tasks?

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