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During warm weather, you may notice ice buildup around your AC unit. However, some may think freezing AC is good because it produces cooler air.

Unfortunately, extreme freezing can form a block of ice, restricting conditioned air circulation. A/C works best when pressure, airflow, and temperature are balanced. Here are some reasons your AC might freeze and require Phoenix AC repair.


Your Unit Has Low Refrigerant Levels

Air conditioners need refrigerant. It absorbs indoor heat and moves it outside to circulate cool air inside. Low refrigerant levels result from a coil leak. In addition, joints, valves, and fittings can leak, and the lower temperatures compress and vaporize refrigerants more quickly.

The condensing coils' operating temperature drops. Indoor moisture quickly freezes. The vapor should only cool enough to remain liquid and flow into the drain pan. Low refrigerant causes water to freeze on evaporator coils and fans.

Call a technician to fix leaks if ice forms on the evaporator. A Phoenix AC technician will refill refrigerant to stop freezing, although regular AC maintenance can prevent this issue.


Lack of Airflow May Need Phoenix AC Repair 

Restricted airflow causes most ACs to freeze. If warm air stops blowing over the coils, the AC will freeze. Clean or replace the filters often.

Dust can clog filters and restrict airflow if they aren't maintained. If ductwork is blocked, airflow will stop. Remove appliances from vents. Professionally clean and inspect your ducts.

If the AC's ductwork is too small, insufficient air will flow over the coils, causing freezing. Oversized ductwork can reduce air pressure, freezing your AC.

Dust acts as an insulator, trapping chilly air in the coil and causing freezing. DIY coil cleaning isn't recommended. Instead, hire a Phoenix AC repair expert when AC air cools, as it flows less easily into the house. The blower fan draws warm air from home, creating a void for chilly air to fill.

The evaporator coil freezes when the blower fan malfunctions, disrupting airflow and pressure. This may restrict airflow and cause ice. As a result, your AC won't circulate much air in the house. Call a Phoenix AC technician for help.


Wrong Thermostat Settings

Too low a thermostat can prevent the AC from transferring heat outside. A faulty thermostat can keep the AC running after the house reaches the desired temperature.

If this continues, the house temperature will drop, the AC can't extract heat, and the coils will ice over.

Raise the thermostat. If it doesn't work, check the batteries, or call a Phoenix AC repair. Alternatively, you can buy a programmable thermostat that turns off the AC at 60 degrees.


Inefficient Compressors Need Phoenix AC Maintenance

An inefficient compressor can't pump refrigerant. Cooling the coils causes moisture to condense. Over time, it freezes in the AC.

Damaged compressors are challenging to fix. Sometimes the entire unit must be replaced. Talk to our Phoenix AC repair technicians for advice.


Get Help With Phoenix AC Repair Experts 


Get Help With Phoenix AC Repair Experts

Arizona summers are hot, so a frozen AC is frustrating. However, ignoring AC problems can lead to costly repairs or replacements.

There are simple fixes for AC freezing, but others require a pro. Regular AC maintenance can also help. During AC maintenance and tune-ups, a technician will assess the root cause of the freezing and fix it to prevent a recurrence.

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