Phoenix AC Repair. Why My AC Is Blowing White Mist

Phoenix AC Repair. Why My AC Is Blowing White Mist

Water vapor in the air condenses into water droplets when the temperature near the unit drops below the dew point, causing fog or smoke. Having a dirty filter or turning the fan down won't help if there's already an issue.

It usually shows a drain blockage that needs clearing out. It may have evaporated when air contacted the steam or vapor that had condensed.

Talk to your HVAC technician about this if it applies to you. Now that they know the smoke is coming from water collecting in the drain hole, the only solution is to pump the water out. If it isn't this, you might need a Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair.


So Why Is My Air Conditioner Emitting A White Mist?

Water droplets condensing in the air create smoke or fog. The smoke will be much more uncomfortable if the humidity in your house is higher than usual. In addition, the low fan speed and clogged air filters may contribute factors because of the debris.

Because of the lack of air circulation, a minor problem can quickly escalate into one requiring Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair if the cold air is exposed to humid air for too long.

It's probably just humidity or condensation if the steam doesn't smell bad. However, if it has the odor of burned wire from mechanical corrosion or another cause, you are in serious trouble.


Phoenix AC Repair. Why My AC Is Blowing White Mist

Where Can I Get White Mist Removed From My Phoenix Air Conditioner?

Humidity levels drop when an air conditioner is used. As a result, condensation builds up outside, but if your drain hole is blocked, the excess moisture can cause fog inside.

You should immediately call Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair if you have checked your air filters and found evidence of a plugged drain hole. Depending on the origin, breathing in the fumes could be harmful, especially for those with mold sensitivities.

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