Phoenix AC Replacement. Can I Change My Outer Unit

Is it possible to change my AC outer unit? Is this something you'd ask an AC repair company if you're having problems? They might present you with four options to consider. Only replace the compressor, or the entire condensing unit, which is the exterior unit. Change the condensing unit and the indoor evaporator coil to increase the complexity and cost.

If everything is broken, your entire cooling and heating system, including the condensing unit, indoor coil, and air handler or furnace, may need to be replaced.

Some businesses may try to steer you in this path because it is more sure for them, but don't be rushed; instead, take your time and choose the ideal Air Conditioning Replacement company in Phoenix, AZ.


Absolute Best for Phoenix Air Conditioning Replacement

A reputable air conditioning company will not try to get you to buy a completely new system. If you have options, your air conditioning replacement company can give you the finest recommendations.


Replacing only the compressor

Your outdoor unit's compressor is a critical component. If the manufacturer's warranty still covers the compressor, just replace it.

When should the condensing unit be replaced?

  • We recommend replacing the exterior unit if one or more of the following circumstances exist and the compressor is no longer under warranty:

  • Money is tight right now, and you don't know when it will improve.

  • You'll have to pay for labor to repair the compressor because the manufacturer's warranty already covers it.

  • No other important components on your AC heat pump have failed.

  • Recently, the heater or an indoor appliance was changed.

When to replace the condensing unit and indoor coil

Replacing the outside unit but not the indoor coil is equivalent to replacing the engine in an old car. It'll start, but it won't get you much further.

Although replacing the condensing unit and indoor coil is more expensive, it has the following advantages:

  • A new warranty.

  • Lower combined installation costs.

  • Improved energy efficiency.

  • Possible Rebates.

  • Less expensive and better refrigerant.

Entire Air Conditioning Replacement Phoenix, AZ

You'll need the help of a top company if you want or need a total air conditioning replacement. If it's time to replace your air conditioner, there are many advantages to working with the best air conditioning replacement company.

In terms of cost-effectiveness and performance, a replacement AC system is an ideal way. When you work with the company, your air conditioner might pay for itself in utility savings.

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