Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair. Why There’s Dust Everywhere

Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair. Why There’s Dust Everywhere

How much dust do you have in your home? Even if you cleaned the house yesterday and it's still dirty, or if you washed everything down and came home to find it dusty again. You've fought hard, and you know you're doing your best to keep the dust at bay. It's not your fault that your home is dusty; it's the AC.

Keeping your home dust-free may be as easy as switching out your air filters or adjusting your heating and cooling systems. Find out more about the sources of dust in your home by reading this article, and then get in touch with Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair to arrange for an inspection and repair.


High-Quality Air Filters With Phoenix AC Repair

If the air filter has a low rating, it will probably be of poor quality. These subpar air cleaners cannot remove even the smallest particles of indoor air pollution, such as mold spores and pollen. We advise checking your air filter once a month. That way, you can make an eye on the filter and tweak it as needed.

That means less work for your air conditioner because more dust stops at the source instead of entering the home. Regular cleaning and replacement money for your air filter will also reduce your utility bills.


Check Your Thermostat

To make dusting easier, your air conditioner can be configured to turn the fan on as you work automatically.

When you operate your air conditioner, the blower constantly runs, circulating the air in your home and attracting dust particles, which are then sucked up by the return vent and eventually eradicated by the air filters.

When you are done dusting, put the thermostat in the "Auto" position, so the air conditioner's blower doesn't run incessantly. Money and energy savings result from keeping your home in constant humidity.


Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair. Why There’s Dust Everywhere

Clean Interior Air Using Phoenix Air Conditioning Maintenance

About 20% to 30% of the time, the duct system in a typical home will leak. Because air ducts are frequently unclean, leaks can draw in dust and cause your air conditioner to spread the dust around your home.

If your air conditioner is broken, call Rescue One Air to have it fixed before the dust blows inside your house. Once the leak has been located, we will seal it off with mastic or creative duct tape shapes to block the flow of unconditioned air.

The fix is usually straightforward if dust is still present in the home. However, if the problem persists after you've updated your thermostat and inspected your air filters, Contact Rescue One Air to schedule Air conditioning maintenance. If you have other urgent needs, complete the compact form below for a fast response.

You can check out our customer reviews or browse through the Rescue One Air video library to see our Air conditioning repair crews in action for further information.

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