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The summer heat or persistently high temperatures may be to blame. Nobody wants to be cooped up in a stuffy hothouse, regardless of the situation.

It is not only bothersome, but it may also harm your family's health and the health of any pets you have.

If your air conditioner isn't blowing cool enough to keep you comfortable, you should know the following. By the end, you'll understand why it's beneficial to have Tempe AC maintenance professionals nearby.


Check the Temperature on Your Thermostat with Tempe AC Maintenance

Verify your thermostat has not been raised. If the temperature hasn't changed, ensure the thermostat is set to auto or cool rather than heat.

Try setting it to ON rather than auto if your house is reporting as being cooler than it is.

The refrigerant in your air conditioner absorbs heat and keeps the air cool. As a result, if there is a leak, the volume of cool air will decrease. The following are a few methods for locating a refrigerant leak:


  1. The house is hot and stuffy.
  2. Your air conditioner is hissing.
  3. Your air conditioner has a thick layer of ice frost on it.
  4. Your electric expenses have skyrocketed.
  5. The filter has become blocked or is unclean.


If you don't frequently replace your air filter, it will clog up. When your filter becomes clogged, airflow into your home is restricted, which can cause more serious issues if not fixed. Replace your air filter every three months to avoid problems.


Tempe AC Maintenance Clears Blocked Evaporator

It's possible that you haven't cleaned your condenser or evaporator coil in a while. If your filter is not in good shape, your condenser can also be unclean. Despite their best efforts, filters will eventually lose their effectiveness.

The condenser could become blocked with dirt and debris outside your house. As a result, you ought to examine your AC as well.


Tempe AC Maintenance Expert

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Air conditioners experience wear and tear just like any other machine does. You can be sure that there will be some mechanical difficulties when they occur. Consult an HVAC professional if this issue happens.

It would be beneficial if you had a qualified expert inspect your air conditioner before summer arrives to ensure it runs efficiently. Rescue One Air's HVAC specialists will ensure your air conditioner runs efficiently this summer.

We at Rescue One Air are here for you, no matter what. Every day of the week, including the holidays, we have air conditioning professionals on call.

If you have worries about the above areas, you can quickly Contact Rescue One Air to schedule Air conditioning maintenance or find advice on other issues.

You can check out our customer reviews or browse through the Rescue One Air video library to see our AC repair crews in action for further information.

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