Rescue One Air in Phoenix: Best Air Filter for Allergies

Invest In An Expert Technician From Rescue One Air

Regarding air filter selections, Rescue One Air in Phoenix, AZ, understands that allergies can be a significant factor to consider. With their expert advice and services, they are here to help you get the best air filter for your needs.

Whether you’re seeking an all-in-one solution or need maintenance advice on your current filter, they have the knowledge and experience to ensure you get what’s right.


How To Choose The Right Air Filter For Your Allergy Needs

Choosing an air filter is more than just picking up a product off of store shelves–multiple factors come into play when selecting the best one for your allergies. Here are a few tips from Rescue One Air on how to choose the right product for your needs:

Look at MERV ratings

This rating system measures how effectively an air filter captures particles from 0 to 20 microns in size, including dust mites, pollen, and other allergens. A higher MERV rating shows better performance; try choosing one with a minimum of 10 or 11 if possible. 


Check out specialty filters

 Many companies now offer specialized filters explicitly designed with allergy sufferers in mind. These products often contain anti-allergen materials like carbon-activated charcoal or synthetic fibers that attract particulates like magnets do metal filings - trapping them inside so they don’t circulate back into the indoor environment where they could cause irritation or breathing difficulties later on down the line. 


Consider electrostatic media filters

Electrostatic media filters use static electricity generated by passing air through electrically charged fibers to trap particles as small as 0.3 microns.

They last longer than standard fiberglass/synthetic material filters since trapped particles won’t clog them up over time like traditional pleated varieties.


Maintenance Tips For Your Current System

If replacing your system isn’t an option, proper maintenance will go a long way towards keeping allergens under control indoors, regardless of its original design type (s). Here are a few tips from Rescue One Air about maintaining whatever setup currently exists within your home safely & properly:


Change out disposable filters regularly

Disposable fiberglass/synthetic material air filters should typically be changed every 30 days, while electrostatic media types may require replacement less often, depending upon usage levels (every 60-90 days is usually recommended). Not doing so can cause build-ups within these systems, leading directly to poor indoor quality & subsequent health issues over time! 


Clean permanent washable components periodically

Permanent washable components like blower wheels & coils should be cleaned at least twice per year using either mild detergent solutions & soft bristle brushes or compressed air cans, depending upon their construction types & designs.

Failure to do this could also lead directly to reduced efficiency levels because of decreased airflow rates caused by debris clogging vital parts of these setups, potentially causing problems downstream later on (high utility bills being just one example!).    

Have units inspected annually

Professional inspections conducted by trained technicians from Rescue One Air should occur once per year even if everything seems ok visually speaking; catching any potential wear items before severe damage occurs goes a long way towards preventing unnecessary repair costs.  


Invest In An Expert Technician From Rescue One Air

As qualified experts in Phoenix, AZ., our team at Rescue One Air knows exactly what it takes to find suitable solutions tailored around individual customer needs involving both residential & commercial properties alike!

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