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Although we talk a lot about AC repair in Phoenix, not all repair needs are the same. For example, a refrigerant line that is slightly cracked or leaking will require far less maintenance than a compressor that has failed.

This blog post will help you distinguish between a basic repair need and one that will demand more difference or a complete system replacement.

When your air conditioner's compressor fails, it can be a stressful situation, but rest assured that we will take care of you.

We deal with defective compressors regularly, and our technicians are equipped to fix them effectively. And, if your air conditioner must be changed, we can take care of that as well. Rescue One Air always lets you know how much something will cost ahead of time so you can plan and budget appropriately.


Why is the compressor so important?

The compressor is the part of your air conditioner that transforms it from a fan to a complete cooling system. Your compressor system's technology oversees pressurizing the refrigerant, evaporating, and condensing it repeatedly, resulting in lowered temperatures within your home.

If your compressor has a severe problem or fails to cause it appropriately, the temperature inside your home may rise to match the temperature outside. Isn't your air conditioner pretty worthless at that point?

This article aims to help you decide whether the compressor repair is worthwhile. If your compressor is broken or must be repaired, replacing the entire air conditioning system may be the best option.


When Should You Repair Your Air Compressor?

This is a tricky question, but we hope to be able to address it for you entirely. If your air conditioner works properly, it needs to have its compressor repaired. If you notice any problems with your air conditioner that sound like the compressor could cause them, we strongly advise you to have it fixed.

However, diagnosing a repair problem may not be your strong suit. For example, how can you tell if a problem is caused by a faulty compressor or another component in your system? Regardless of where you think the problem is coming from, it is a safe bet to call our experts for assistance.


When Should You Replace Your Whole System?

If you are sure that you have a compressor problem, you have two options. You can either have the compressor fixed or have your air conditioner entirely replaced by a professional.

If your compressor is fresh and in good condition, it's a good idea to repair it. A system that still has a few years left should be repaired and maintained to avoid spending more money than necessary.

If your air conditioner is worn out, 10 years old or older, or if the compressor requires lengthy and expensive repairs, you should replace the entire system.


Get Help From Phoenix AC Repair

Get Help From Phoenix AC Repair

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