Signs of An Ailing AC System. Chandler AC Maintenance

Signs of An Ailing AC System. Chandler AC Maintenance

When a thermostat for an air conditioner malfunctions, what should you expect to happen? A broken thermostat in a central air conditioning system can cause various complications. Today, programmable thermostats are used instead of manual dial thermostats for HVAC systems. Keeping tabs on indoor temperature is essential.

These ground-breaking advancements allow you to keep your home comfortable while saving hundreds of dollars on cooling costs each year.

Some people have trouble mastering programmable devices because of their increased intelligence and precision. You might ignore warning signs like malfunctions or weak performance if you don't know much about how ACs and other systems function.

By reading this page, you will learn what signs to look out for and when to call the air conditioning maintenance experts at Rescue One Air in Chandler.


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Check these out to see if they solve your heating and cooling problems before calling your Chandler Air Conditioning Maintenance Experts.

Old thermostats, especially those that are round or rectangular, may be overly sensitive. Dust the exterior and interior surfaces lightly and consult your guidebook to see if it is an older model. The wiring may be the culprit if your thermostat is 15 years old or older. Chandler AC repair can remove these and replace them with newer, more efficient models.


  • The thermostat should be adjusted appropriately.
  • Simply turning the thermostat off and on again will reset the device.
  • Mistakenly activating the fan mode occurs occasionally. Turn off the fan and make sure the light is out.
  • Check the back wiring to ensure there isn't a problem with the connection.
  • Maintenance for your air conditioner in Chandler can take care of all these issues, keeping it running at peak efficiency all summer.


How Frequently Does Your Air Conditioner Cycle On And Off?

Rapid cycling, in which your air conditioner repeatedly switches on and off, maybe result in a malfunction in your thermostat. In addition, rapid cycling can occur if dirt gets on the contacts. If your air conditioner in Chandler, Arizona, keeps cycling too often, you should either have a professional look it over or sign up for routine maintenance.

Take off the top and inspect the sub-base for an appropriate level. The device will not function correctly if it uses an unlevel mercury switch. Please consult the user guide or seek the services of a qualified HVAC technician in your area for assistance adjusting the settings.

If your thermostat takes readings from multiple nearby rooms, you may experience issues. For example, positioning your thermostat too close to a ceiling fan or a sunny window can cause inaccurate readings. Instead, put thermostats in easily accessible locations or have your Chandler AC repairman advise you.

When cycling frequently, it usually means something is wrong. Ensure the filters in your air conditioner are clean and in good working order, and have AC maintenance check to see if they need to be replaced.


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