Tempe AC Maintenance. Common Heating Mistakes to Avoid

Tempe AC Maintenance. Common Heating Mistakes to Avoid

While we are still heading out of winter, time sit can get chilly, and keeping on top of your HVAC is still vital. But unfortunately, most homeowners do not take full advantage of their benefits because of common heating blunders.

Here are some frequent heating blunders to avoid this winter. If you get stuck, you can seek the help of local Tempe AC Maintenance with Rescue One Air.


Adjusting Your Thermostat

Your heating system will take some time to achieve the desired heat level in your home. Unfortunately, this implies that cranking it up too high won’t make your house warm up any faster. Instead, it will put your body under a lot of strain.

When you raise the thermostat, your furnace will run longer and consume more energy, resulting in higher utility costs throughout the winter.


Humidifier Isn’t Being Used

Summer days aren’t the only time when humidity is high. Using a humidifier in the winter is also good. How? Humidifiers remove dry air while also preventing the spread of airborne particles that can cause allergy symptoms and other health issues.


Using the Fireplace While Turning on the Furnace

For some, using your furnace and fireplace simultaneously may seem like a good idea, but it isn’t. As a result, hot air from your furnace will escape down the chimney, allowing chilly air to enter your home.


Closing the Vents in Your Home’s Unused Spaces

You may believe that blocking the vents for empty rooms may help heat your home more quickly. Regrettably, this is not the case.

Closing vents for unoccupied areas of your home interrupt airflow, causing your heating system to work poorly.


You Have Drafts An Don’t Fix Them

As a homeowner, inspect your home for drafts regularly. Look for any openings in the windows, doors, walls, and ceiling. Caulk and seal them tightly to prevent heated air from escaping and chilly air from infiltrating your home.


Tempe AC Maintenance. Common Heating Mistakes to Avoid

Where To Get Help On Fixing Homes Heating in Tempe, AZ

This winter, knowing how to avoid these typical winter HVAC blunders, can help you get the most out of your heating system. Contact Rescue One Air immediately if you have questions about winter HVAC maintenance or if you require help.

Contact Rescue One Air to schedule your AC repair or replacement. And learn more about how to cut costs with regular AC maintenance.

You can check out our customer reviews or browse through the Rescue One Air video library to see our AC repair crews in action for further information.

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