Tempe AC Maintenance. Heating And AC Repair

Tempe AC Maintenance. Heating And AC Repair

Summers in Tempe, AZ, may be unbearably hot. Most of us keep our air conditioners running for days and nights to stay cool and secure. Winters can be cold. Maintaining your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems will make you comfy all year.

One of our worst fears must call for HVAC repair. Fortunately, Rescue One Air can help. We have highly skilled professionals ready 24/7 to assist you at low rates and outstanding skills.

Repair your HVAC system annually to avoid heating and cooling repairs. This is the finest advice we can provide our Tempe, AZ clients: have your AC tested thoroughly in the spring and your heating unit inspected thoroughly in the fall.

It will run more effectively and save energy after the annual maintenance. Any flaws will be identified and fixed before any HVAC repair. The extra benefit is that your HVAC system will be less likely to break down and require heating and cooling repair.


What Increases the Chance of an HVAC Repair?


Ten-year-old and Above AC Units

Even if your HVAC has served you faithfully for years with Tempe AC maintenance, it will eventually degrade and keep more maintenance. A well-maintained device will last 10 to fifteen years. After that, however, it will lose efficiency and produce less cool or warm air as it ages.

This is especially new if your unit uses Freon (R22). It is no longer manufactured in the USA and can only be got by recycling old air conditioners. It harms the environment and harms children and pets.

As your old unit's operating costs rise, installing a new AC system may be more cost-effective. It's critical to pick the correct sized model for your needs.

A new air conditioner will not effectively chill or heat your home. If it's too powerful, it'll shut down, causing damage to the appliance and raising your electric cost. Rescue One Air installs new HVAC systems.

Our Tempe AC maintenance experts are happy to assist you in picking a new unit and estimating the installation time.



Another common problem is short cycling. To maximize the cooling effect of your HVAC, the compressor must run in the correct cooling cycle. The cooling cycle usually takes ten minutes to turn on the compressor and 10 minutes to turn it off. As a result, the compressor will not produce enough cool air if switched off or on too quickly. When the compressor is overworked, it will probably fail and require heating and cooling repair rather than Tempe AC maintenance.


Frozen Evaporator Coils

On a hot summer day, frost and ice on the evaporator coils may seem paradoxical. But the coils need heat to avoid freezing. So the fan blows heated air from inside your home over the coils to provide heat.

If the airflow is hindered by filthy air filters or a fan issue, frost and ice will form on the coils. Insufficient coolant in the evaporator coils can also cause frost and ice formation. Insufficient coolant will cause the coils to overheat, needing rapid heating and air conditioning repair.

Allowing frost and ice to accumulate increases the risk of evaporator coils freezing. If you let this happen, your air conditioner will fail.

The evaporator coils will need to defrost for up to 24 hours. This is not desirable when the outdoor temperature is over 100°F. Coils that freeze over require costly heating and air conditioning repair. Tempe AC maintenance can help resolve such issues.


Furnace problems

A furnace can have many typical faults, most of which are caused by neglect. The furnace, like the AC, has air filters that need to be changed routinely. Dirty filters will restrict airflow and cause your furnace not to cycle correctly.

Clogged air vents prevent fresh air from reaching the combustion chamber. The fuel won't ignite without enough fresh air. In addition, the vents remove exhaust gases like carbon monoxide produced by the furnace's combustion process.


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