Tempe AC Maintenance. How To Clean Air Filters

Tempe AC Air Filter Cleaning

Air conditioners need filters. A filter traps dirt, dust, pet dander, pollen, fungal spores, and other air pollutants. It’s healthy. Pollutants clog the filter when left unchecked.

Your AC must work harder to maintain the correct temperature. Unfortunately, this strains vital components, causing early failure.

Clean your filters every three months to avoid problems. In dusty areas or with shedding pets, clean the filters monthly. Clean your air conditioner’s filters using the procedures below or take advantage of the Rescue One Air Tempe AC maintenance service.



Switch Off The Air Conditioner

The machine should be turned off at the primary power source before you begin cleaning. Then, as you clean the filters, the AC won’t blow soiled air about your home.

Unfiltered air can lead to internal AC components accumulating dirt, which reduces the device’s efficiency. Thus, you’ll end up with Tempe AC repair rather than Tempe AC maintenance to fix the issues.


Remove Filters

Open the AC’s case. Find the air filters and return ducts. Avoid harming the filters by being careful. Some versions need unscrewing, while others can be removed with a putty knife.

Slide the front panel off wall-mounted units to access filters. How to remove air filters is in the user handbook. In large homes, the AC may have multiple return vents; check them all for air filters. Once you remove the filters, you’ll know if they’re disposable or washable. Replace worn disposables if necessary. Hold washable filters against the light. If there’s dust, clean them. Such tasks would be done under any Tempe AC maintenance agreement.


Wash the Filters.

Some filter models shouldn’t get wet; check the manual. Using equal parts vinegar and water, soak water-friendly filters for an hour. Soak dirty filters for 2 hours. You can also spray both sides of the filters. This eliminates mold and odors. Alternately, put some warm water in a sink, add a few drops of dish soap, mix well to produce a lather, submerge the filters, and let them for some time. Wires or brushes can damage filters when cleaning.


Rinse and Filters

Rinse the filter in a deep sink with a hose. Take large filters outside, lean them against a wall, and spray them with a hose.

Rinse the filters until clean water dribbles out. Repeat to clean thoroughly. You can rinse filters with a detachable showerhead. Spray water in a zigzag pattern across the entire filter surface. Air filters are sensitive and easily damaged by high-pressure hoses. Tempe AC maintenance can do this if you are worried.

After cleaning the filters, set them in the yard or other sunny area close to the house on a fresh towel or piece of newspaper.

Never place wet filters in an aircon, as they’ll clog twice as fast.


Reinstall filters.

After filters dry, check for damage. The delicate cloth is often ripped while cleaning, so check for holes and tears and replace any damaged filters. If the filter still has considerable grit after cleaning, it may be time to replace it.

Slide the filter into place and face the arrow away from you. Once you replace air filters, check for expiration dates.


Tempe AC Air Filter Cleaning

Get Help With Tempe AC Air Filter Cleaning

By cleaning the air filters, you’ll save money on energy expenses. However, regular AC use requires more frequent air filter cleaning. If you don’t have time or the process seems complex, hire a pro.

Regular AC maintenance cleans the filters and other internal components to guarantee optimal performance.

A Rescue One Air professional will check the thermostat, refrigerant, and electrical connections, seal leaking ducts, and replace worn-out parts during tune-ups.

A competent technician will also recommend system improvements. In addition, they can discover early malfunctions and rectify them to prevent mid-season failures.

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