Tempe AC Maintenance. How To Maintain An HVAC Furnace?

Tempe AC Maintenance. How To Maintain An HVAC Furnace?

What Is The Best Way To Maintain An HVAC Furnace? Furnace maintenance is probably the last thing on your mind at this time of year. Working on a heating system in the off-season, when the weather is pleasant, has significant advantages. Is now the greatest time to schedule some weekend Tempe furnace maintenance?

Modern furnace designs are low-maintenance, and a lot of the work may be done by you. But first, make sure your air conditioner and furnace are in good operating order for the season they are meant for.

Most of the annual maintenance required by a heating system should be performed by a Tempe AC maintenance specialist


Tempe AC Maintenance Clears Vacuum and Dust

Some homeowners may not undertake these tasks, although they are common. Heaters can collect a lot of dust and debris throughout the winter months. Vacuuming the filter and the air stream ultimately might help keep dust out.

Use a regular vacuum with a thin nozzle attachment to clean up any dirt or dust surrounding the unit. After opening the furnace cover and carefully vacuuming all the components within reach, remove the filter and clean the space surrounding it.

Vacuum the dust out of all the air registers throughout the house once you've finished servicing the furnace. Remove any furniture, curtains, or other objects that could restrict airflow from any registers.


Tempe AC Maintenance Replaces Damaged or Dirty Filters

One of the simplest and most important maintenance tasks is changing the heater's filter. The filter filters all the air in your home during the winter. Before being chilled in the heat, clean air travels through the filter.

In both circumstances, indoor air may be recycled and is ripe for airborne contaminants. The filter should be changed or cleaned once a month if the heater is used all the time.

Most homes overlook this, resulting in a filthy filter.

If a filter needs to be replaced, make sure you have the correct size and MERV rating. The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) shows how many air particles the filter catches.


The higher the rating, the better at capturing particles the filter is. Stick to the number displayed on your current filter, which should not exceed 16. Filters with a rating of twenty or higher are high-efficiency types intended for hospitals.

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