Tempe AC Maintenance. How To Start Furnaces The Right Way

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How do you get a heating system going? Many people put off AC maintenance until it is too late when the weather turns cold and they need to turn on the furnace, only to find out there is a problem.

Hire a technician from Rescue One Air to perform annual maintenance on your Tempe air conditioner to avoid costly emergency repairs and lower heating costs.


Maintaining Clean Or Replaced Air Filters Is Essential.

A dirty filter might not seem like much, but it can seriously compromise the performance of your HVAC system. The ability of your heating system to heat your home will be diminished if the air filter is clogged with dust and other debris.

If you let your system run with a dirty air filter in place for an extended period, you may damage it. So, how do I determine if my air filter needs to be replaced? The purpose of your air filter is to trap dirt, so a little dust or debris on it is expected and even welcome.

If your air filter is visibly dirty, it's time to replace it; from then on, check it every one to two months to ensure it stays clean as part of your regular AC maintenance in Tempe.


Thermostat and AC Settings Checks in Tempe AC Maintenance

The thermostat in your home keeps the temperature where you want it, sensing when the temperature rises or falls and signaling the heating system.

So, before turning on the heat, ensure the thermostat is set correctly.

The FAN will only draw in warm air outside in the AUTO setting. However, turning on the FAN will circulate air whether the room is hot. Ultimately, this could lead to unhappiness at home and expensive repairs because of a constantly running blower motor.

Ensure the thermostat's FAN setting is on Auto before cranking up the thermostat's heat.


Get Expert Tempe AC Maintenance

Get Expert Tempe AC Maintenance To Keep Your Home Snug

It's easy to forget that your thermostat has been set to cool for the past few months and needs to be changed, for example, and all the above are easy to forget.

Making sure the thermostat will heat rather than cool is a surefire way to ensure that your system works as intended.

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