Tempe AC Maintenance. Prepare for Fall AC Issues Now

Rescue One Air can help with air conditioning maintenance before the fall arrives. Even in the milder fall weather, you're sure to have some furnace issues that influence your comfort.

Therefore, before turning on your furnace for the first time this year, professional maintenance service is essential. Before the cold winter approaches, homeowners face the most typical HVAC and furnace issues and require Tempe AC maintenance.


Tempe AC Maintenance Addresses Dirty Filters

A filthy filter is the most prevalent cause of furnace inefficiency. If your furnace doesn't seem to blow enough heat, the dirt and dust caught in its filters could be blamed. Aside from compromising your comfort, filthy filters can harm your furnace and raise your energy bill. Replace your filters every three months or as directed by the manufacturer's instructions for your equipment.


Tempe AC Repair Addresses a Thermostat Problem

Your equipment may not always be the source of the problem. It's also possible that the thermostat that regulates the operation of your furnace is to blame. Changing the batteries and setting them to heat instead of cool are typical solutions for thermostat issues.


Preventing Wear and Tear with AC Maintenance

This is most common with older furnaces, but it can also happen with newer units due to lack of maintenance. Wear and tear on your furnace can cause air leaks, uneven warmth in your home, and equipment overheating. Regular inspection will alert you to these situations and provide you with valuable recommendations.


Lack Of Heat Necessitates Immediate AC Repair

Besides a clogged filter, an inappropriately sized unit can cause insufficient heat. Your furnace cannot meet your home's heating needs if it is too small. That's why, even if your furnace has been running for a long time, you always want more heat.


A Tempe HVAC Expert Is Required for a Noisy Furnace

When your furnace is running, pay special attention to the sounds you hear. If you hear loud noises that weren't there before, your furnace may have minor or severe issues. For a comprehensive diagnosis and repair, call a professional.


Where is My Tempe AC Expert?

The optimum time to prepare your furnace for the next cold spell is in the fall. Before the winter season starts, you must recognize and address the issues we mentioned before. Don't worry if you live in Tempe; you have a dependable business to call for HVAC issues. Rescue One Air has always had your back. Call us, and our experts will deal with the rest in the future.

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