Tempe AC Maintenance. What Are Different Furnaces?

Tempe AC Maintenance. What Are Different Furnaces?

The most popular appliance for home heating is a furnace. Thanks to its high efficiency, durability, convenience, and versatility, it is an integral part of any homeowner’s life. There are different furnaces. Most of them can be differentiated by the type of fuel they burn or by their mechanisms of heat creation.

With these many options, it is essential to understand the working mechanism of each type of furnace and how you’ll need Tempe AC maintenance to keep your furnace in top running order.


What Is a Furnace?

A furnace is an HVAC component where a forced-air system burns fuel to heat your home. When you set the thermostat, the furnace heats the air.

During heat generation, a fan distributes warm air throughout your home, and you’ll see this is how most furnaces work, but heat distribution in your home is another factor.

Non-furnace solutions like steam heat boilers and heat pumps can heat homes like a furnace. In addition, some homes use radiant floor heating and baseboard heaters for zone heating.

The type of furnace you need depends on your preference, space, and fuel source. Luckily, Rescue One Air are experts in installing, maintaining, and repairing many furnaces and air conditioning.


Gas Furnaces With Tempe AC Maintenance Support

Gas furnaces are the most common heating systems available today. They are very economical and readily available, since municipalities distribute the gas via pipelines to residential buildings.

Although the old gas furnaces would only hit efficiency of about 65%, modern natural gas heating appliances can reach up to 98% efficiency. This is because gas furnaces use burners, heat exchangers, and blowers to convert gas into heat.


Gas furnaces can be further categorized into:

  • Single-stage heating system: Includes a valve that opens and closes to control the gas for an efficiency of 80% annually in terms of fuel use. Its installation is simple and has the longest life span in its category using Rescue One Air AC maintenance.
  • Two-stage furnace: Here, you can adjust the speed to low or high, so you have more flexibility for controlling the heat produced. A two-stage furnace can adjust the temperature and get 90% annual fuel utilization efficiency.
  • Modulating furnace: These furnaces are complex and adjust your home’s heat by running at an optimal heating range and increasing heat output by 1%, which is economical in adjusting gas usage.


Propane Furnaces

Like gas furnaces, these furnaces burn propane to heat your home. Any homeowner who wants one can store propane in tanks. These tanks have gas lines to your home, allowing your furnace to burn propane-like natural gas.


Oil Furnace

Burners burn oil to heat your home with hot air, and these furnaces are 80-90% efficient.

Oil furnaces are ideal for those without access to natural gas or propane or with limited budgets. Low upfront installation costs are usually 25% less than natural gas heating appliances.

These furnaces require frequent cleaning of soot and ash to work correctly, although they can last longer than other furnaces.


Electric Furnace

These furnaces are the cheapest upfront heating solutions and can be 50% cheaper than gas. They’re easy to install, yet since electricity is more expensive than gas, these furnaces have high operating costs.


Size of the Furnace

Once you know which furnace to buy, ensure its appropriately sized for maximum efficiency.

BTUs determine furnace size (BTUs). This unit is affected by height, climate zones, age, floor plan, and insulation. Because these variables are complex, a professional should size your furnace.


Tempe AC Maintenance. What Are Different Furnaces?

Get Help To Find The Best Furnace Type In Tempe With Rescue One Air

Location affects the type and size of the furnace you need. If you have municipal gas, a gas furnace is better. In humid or hot climates, you may need a low-energy furnace. No matter what, before you decide, get help from the Tempe AC replacement experts.

Contact Rescue One Air for quality AC maintenance and repair. Schedule maintenance or learn more about the best furnace for your home.

You can check out our customer reviews or browse through the Rescue One Air video library to see our AC repair crews in action for further information.

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