Tempe AC Maintenance. When Service Ducted Heating and AC?

Tempe AC Maintenance. When Service Ducted Heating and AC?

An HVAC system with ducts can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. However, keeping the interior at a constant temperature requires ductwork.

However, issues can arise from time to time. Maintaining your heating and cooling systems regularly will keep them running smoothly. We will discuss the importance of Tempe AC maintenance and how often you should do so.


Problems with Airflow and Ducted Systems

Airflow problems in duct systems can be caused by several factors, including leaks and obstructions in the ductwork. As a result, some of the conditioned air will escape through the cracks and be lost to the surrounding areas.

If there is a problem with the ductwork's airflow, you might experience hot and cold spots throughout your home. That's why some areas of the building may be adequately heated while others aren't. Also, because of the holes, the conditioned air may not reach all rooms.

To avoid any issues with airflow, Rescue One Air suggests scheduling a tune-up service once a year.

The filters and the condenser should be changed and cleaned every two months, or you can hire Tempe AC maintenance to do it for you.


Fixing Your System's Parts

Annual service from Rescue One Air cleans and optimizes components. For example, dust on equipment can cause breakdowns, and grime coats refrigerant tubes, reducing their heat-absorbing capacity.

A yearly HVAC tune-up lubricates moving parts, the staff cleans and troubleshoots system components, and refills refrigerant if needed.

Also, check system connections. Tangled tubes or wires can cause malfunctions. Improper connections can short-circuit and start fires.

Check your CO and smoke alarms in the fall. Then, the safety system should be ready by winter when your furnace will often be running. Detectors are needed to detect odorless, colorless gases like carbon monoxide.


How To Fix Air Quality Issues

Ducted systems are essential for steady airflow, but if the ductwork isn't properly maintained, it can hurt the air quality inside your home. For example, the negative pressure inside the building can be caused by ductwork leaks, causing the conditioned air to be sucked in.

Carbon monoxide and other harmful gases may build up in your heating system more quickly when there is negative pressure inside the house.

In addition, if you have multiple pieces of combustion equipment, the toxic gases may be drawn indoors. That is most likely to occur in the winter when your heater, stove, and dryer are all in the same room.


Tempe AC Maintenance. When Service Ducted Heating and AC?

Keep Your Tempe AC Maintenance Schedule With Rescue One Air  

Problems with air circulation in the duct system could also contribute to condensation. The damp environment of your duct system is ideal for the growth of spores and microorganisms. The presence of spores often causes a foul odor.

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