Tempe AC Maintenance. Why is My HVAC Making Noises?

Tempe AC Maintenance. Why is My HVAC Making Noises?

Some basements, especially heating and cooling systems, can suddenly appear and start producing noises straight out of a horror film.

What causes these noises, and if they are dangerous, is something you may wonder about. Most are minor irritations, but it's best to get your Tempe air conditioning systems checked by the pros to be safe.


Furnace Sounds Showing You need Tempe Air Conditioning Maintenance

A loud boom or crash from your furnace could show that it has been igniting too slowly. As with a gas grill, a tiny gas explosion in your furnace room can be traced to a burner that cannot ignite.

Why does your furnace take so long to startup?

1: There is a high proportion of air to gas in the mixture.

2: Low gas pressure, not enough gas.

3: Your burners are clogged, unclean, worn out, or otherwise inoperable. 

Booking Tempe AC Maintenance is critical for cleaning and inspecting your system as soon as workable. Before restarting your furnace, get the advice of a qualified HVAC technician.


Deep Sounds

During a heating cycle, your house will shake and rumble because the oil in the combustion chamber continues to burn after the burners have been turned off. In addition, your burners, flame sensor, or pilot light may malfunction, causing a rumbling sound.

The emission of carbon monoxide (CO) gas into your home is possible if you do not have your furnace repaired by a professional. Tempe AC Maintenance can verify your system's leaks and sensors.

Leaks generated by a broken heat exchanger signify a carbon monoxide problem. As soon as you hear the rattling sound, it would help if you got it fixed as quickly as possible.

If your furnace's duct connections are loose, you may hear a rattling sound. Here, you can either do it yourself and seal your ductwork or get a professional to do it for you. Also, panels that need to be tightened may cause rattling noises.


Sounds of Clicking

You hear a clicking noise as the furnace warms up, like the sound of your ignition being turned on. A clicking noise from your furnace or ventilation system shows a problem with the flame sensor. Check and clean your flame sensor frequently. Your gas valve may leak, or your wiring may be loose.

In addition, you may hear a clicking sound. It's possible that the noise coming from your furnace is being caused by frayed wires in the transformer. A buzzing sound may result from old or missing transformer parts. Clean and service your furnace with the help of an HVAC specialist.

Because of the restricted airflow, a blocked or unclean air filter can produce a whistling sound. Replace your furnace filter regularly to keep the air moving, improve the air quality, and stop that annoying whistling sound.


Check-ups with Tempe AC Repair Services.

Most of these problems may be avoided by inspecting your furnace and air conditioner once a year. Rescue One Air makes a complete diagnosis when scheduling heat and cooling maintenance.

Make an appointment and contact Rescue One Air to get your air conditioner repaired or replaced. Regular AC maintenance and the use of smart thermostats are two other ways to save money on your cooling and heating bills.

 You can check out our customer reviews or browse through the Rescue One Air video library to see our AC repair crews in action for further information.

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