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Tempe AC Repair ExpertsBefore the coming months of increasingly warm weather, spring is typically the only time for AC maintenance.

This implies that you will rely on your air conditioner to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home or place of business.

Your system might not have had much use since the last cooling season at this point in the year. It is not unusual to run into issues because of this stagnant state.

These are some potential reasons your system might not perform at its best. However, maintaining your air conditioner can be difficult depending on the summer, creating additional issues. Nearing the end of the summer and into the fall, Tempe AC repair is frequent.


Common Problems That Lead to Tempe, AZ AC Repair

1# Clogged air filter: Is your cooling system working overtime to keep your house at the ideal temperature?

Your system may perform less optimally if the air filter in your unit builds up dirt and dust. At most every three months, experts from Tempe AC maintenance companies advise changing your filter so do so each month.


2# Low refrigerant levels or leaks: Each unit is constructed to strict requirements for a refrigerant charge.

If your system isn't fully charged, it won't work correctly. Refrigerant leaks can also be a problem, and your AC can be fully charged and checked for leaks by a Rescue One Air technician.


3# Drainage problems: A blocked drain or an improperly positioned drainage pan could also be in your unit.

 A clogged drain can be quickly cleared by one of our knowledgeable Rescue One Air technicians flushing it, and the pan can be correctly positioned to realign.


4# Electrical Sensor Problems: As is expected, electrical fan and compressor controls and thermostat sensors can wear out. Easily diagnosed, your technician can replace the parts and have your system running fully efficiently in no time!


5# Blocked airflow: While you may not realize it, your system may have a blocked air intake affecting the airflow. Survey the area around your outdoor unit to check for debris such as overgrown shrubs, leaves, or grass.


Tempe AC Repair Experts  


Get Help To Fix AC Problems With Tempe AC Repair Experts

Although a trained HVAC technician may resolve these issues quickly, it is never advisable to repair the unit yourself. This could cause further harm to your device and, if you have a manufacturer's warranty, could void it.

The best way to avoid these issues is through routine maintenance, typically carried out twice a year, in the spring and fall.

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