Tempe AC Repair. Is Dual Fuel Heating Worth It?

Tempe AC Repair. Is Dual Fuel Heating Worth It?

Tempe AC repair can get more complicated with dual fuel heating systems, so you could ask, what is a dual fuel heating system, and are they worth it?

First, let's define what a dual fuel heating system is. Both gas and electric heat pumps have flaws. Electric heat pumps are excellent for most of the year except for those few chilly nights where they can't work efficiently. It's not always easy to pick between gas and electric, which is why multi-fuel heating in Tempe exists!

Our climate might give us moderate winters, but occasionally we get freezing nights, and a dual fuel heating system is one inventive solution. Learn more from your local Tempe AC maintenance experts.


Protect the Best of Both With Tempe AC Maintenance

In dual-fuel systems, the year-round efficiency of an electric heat pump is paired with the power of a gas furnace. When these two technologies are combined, they provide a level of comfort that no single system can match.


Increased Efficiency

Both heat pumps and gas furnaces have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. In hot climates, heat pumps are quite efficient. Even so, a few chilly nights a year can be a huge stumbling block since they cannot efficiently distribute heat and their power is significantly reduced.

Gas furnaces give excellent heat throughout the year, but we don't require it for more than a few chilly months in our climate. By using these approaches and working together, they may overcome their weaknesses!

When the temperature goes below a particular threshold (when the heat pump can no longer move heat efficiently), the furnace kicks in, and you have excellent heating for the lowest possible price!


Tempe AC Maintenance Helps Keep Your Home Environmentally Friendly

Long-term comfort means increased efficiency. Why squander energy or gasoline you don't require? Electricity powers a heat pump, making it both efficient and environmentally benign.

On those cold evenings, your gas furnace runs on natural gas, a clean-burning, highly efficient fuel in our area.

A substantial quantity of energy or fuel would be wasted if you had to choose between gas and electricity. Energy waste is avoided with the use of a dual-fuel heating system.


Tempe AC Repair. Is Dual Fuel Heating Worth It?

Find Out More From Tempe Air Conditioning Experts

While we recognize that installing a dual fuel heating system is initially costly, you will save a substantial amount of money in the long run. In temperate climates, heat pumps cost a quarter of the price of a gas or electric furnace, yet the gas furnace will cost less to run on those chilly evenings.

You're essentially spending the least amount of money on gasoline or energy possible since the two systems are working together.

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