Tempe AC Repair. Signs You Need HVAC Maintenance

Tempe AC Repair. Signs You Need HVAC Maintenance

When temperatures drop unexpectedly, they can be severe enough to need the usage of a home's heating system, especially at night. Many homeowners may be unaware of some obvious signals that their furnace needs to be serviced.

That's why our Rescue One Air has compiled a list of symptoms you could need service before a more major system failure. Here are some things to keep an eye out for this winter, which may be a good reason to call our heating repair professionals. In addition, you can find out why you require Tempe AC repair.


On and Off Airflow

Your home's heating should be consistent and evenly dispersed throughout. If this isn't the case, especially if you notice a significant temperature difference from room to room, it's time to call us to set up an appointment.


Inaccurate Thermostat and Tempe AC Repair

For various reasons, your thermostat may not be providing accurate temperature readings.

It's possible that your thermostat isn't in the best possible location in your home to provide accurate temperature measurements.

Your thermostat, for example, will not produce an accurate temperature reading if it is mounted on a wall that receives direct sunlight or is near any other source of heat or chilly breezes.


Pilot Light and Short Cycling

The pilot light in your furnace should be blue when working correctly. If this isn't the case, the amount of oxygen reaching your pilot light is likely to be limited, causing it to appear yellow rather than blue.

When a furnace is short cycling, it implies it turns on and off frequently, with little time between each cycle.

This could be caused by your furnace overheating, a faulty flame sensor, a dirty furnace filter, a blockage in the exhaust vent or heat grates, or even the fact that your furnace is too big for your home.


Tempe AC Repair. Signs You Need HVAC Maintenance

Fix a Lack Of Heat with Temp AC Repair Experts

If your home is never warm enough, no matter how high you turn up the thermostat, you have a problem. It's possible that your heater isn't the right size for your home.

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