Tempe AC Repair. What Causes Weak A/C Airflow?

Tempe AC Repair

Is your home's lack of comfort because of a sluggish airflow coming from your air conditioner in Tempe?

At Rescue One Air, we are fully aware of both the root causes of this problem and the solutions available to you. However, our experts also say that you have poor airflow if you have any of the following.

Here you can find out why you may need Tempe AC repair unexpectedly.


Dust And Debris Are Clogging Your Air Filter

Dust and debris are clogging your air filter. It's time to update your filters if it's been a while since you did so.

The buildup of dust, filth, pollen, mold spores and other particles makes it difficult for the air to move through and circulate in your house.

Clean or replace air filters frequently to keep your appliance functioning correctly. Tempe AV repair can fix issues, but you can avoid these with Tempe AC maintenance.


The Coil On The Evaporator Is Frozen

It is conceivable for your coils to freeze in the middle of the hot summer months. However, frozen evaporator coils may leave your home with insufficient amounts of chilly air.

Undercharging of the refrigerant, blocked supply or return vents, and a broken blower are the significant contributors to this. For accurate solutions and diagnosis, get help from Tempe AC repair.


There Are Problems With Your Air Duct

Poor airflow may also be a sign of a ducting issue. Leaks and disconnected ducting are two examples.

The air escapes via the duct cracks, leaving your home with insufficient airflow. Ductwork issues are not typical DIY projects, and to do it properly, you will need professional help from Tempe AC repair experts such as Rescue One Air.


The Blower Motor Has Issues. Fix With Tempe AC Repair

Your home's air distribution system depends heavily on the blower motor. If there is poor airflow within, one of its components most likely has an issue. The dirtiest blower wheel, a broken blower motor, and a loose fan belt are the three most typical blower motor issues that obstruct air movement. Our professionals can care about these problems if you don't want to get your hands filthy.


The Registers And Vents Are Blocked

Regularly check if any furniture or other items obstruct the vents and registers. These materials prevent the air from moving freely, inadequately cooling your home. In addition, a significant amount of dust and grime can occasionally obstruct the flow of air.

Regularly clean the vents and registers and avoid obstructing them with furniture or appliances. There is no better method to solve your comfort-related issues than with the help of professionals.


Tempe AC Repair

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