Tempe AC Repair. What Is The Correct AC Fan Setting?

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How do I know what fan setting I should choose on my AC? Your A/C unit doesn't just use a thermostat to keep your home cool. Your HVAC system's fan setting is another essential thing to think about. With the right fan setting, you may be able to make your home more comfortable while saving energy and money.

Knowing how to set the fan is important for maximum comfort and savings at home for homeowners who aren't sure how their HVAC system works. Rescue One Air, your dependable HVAC provider, has some advice.


Auto And On Are The Only Two Fan Settings.

Most air conditioning units have two fan settings. When your air conditioner is cooling, the air only moves inside the auto. If you leave it on all day, the fan will keep running and move air around the house, even if the air conditioner isn't on.

Both settings have good reasons to meet your comfort needs and personal preferences.



With the automatic fan setting, you use less energy. Also, you can turn the unit off if it doesn't work right. The auto setting gives the fan a break so that it can work for more extended periods. The main problem with a completely automatic fan is that when it's not running, the air inside stays very still, which lets dust, dirt, and other air pollutants build up.


When you turn on the fan, it will run nonstop and clean the air in your home. This place is excellent for people who are allergic to certain things, have trouble breathing, or have other health problems. But it would help if you replaced your air filters often because dust can clog them up.

If you leave your fan on for a long time, your energy bills may go up, and you may need to replace the fan motor more often.


Chandler AC Maintenance

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Would you rather keep your ventilation system on for better indoor air quality or save money on energy? It's up to you to decide! Of course, you could also look for other ways to get the best of both settings while keeping power and comfort inside.

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