Tempe AC Repair. What Makes My AC Continually Run?

Tempe AC Repair. What Makes My AC Continually Run?

My AC keeps running, but I've changed nothing. In the sweltering heat of a Tempe summer, air conditioning is standard for much of the day to be on. It's okay to relax; the temperature outside is just fine. However, if it's not particularly warm outside, but your air conditioner is still constantly on and making your home unbearably cold, you have a problem.

Make sure this doesn't get any worse by calling your Tempe AC Repair Service. This area contains potential sources of these issues.


DIY Fixes for an Always ON AC 

Restricted ventilation is a common cause of an air conditioner needing to run constantly. Try these solutions before picking up the phone to call Tempe AC Repair Service.


Check the Air Filters

If the air filter is dirty, your air conditioner may have to work harder to deliver cool air to the interior space.

Determine if the air filter has become obstructed. If it smells or looks bad, throw it out. If the filter gets dirty, you should check it once a month and replace it.


All Vents Need to Be Open

If your vents are blocked, your air conditioner may not get enough air. Like a clogged filter, your air conditioner works harder than necessary to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

To fix this, open all the supply vents (air intake vents) in your home, even if the room is currently empty. As a result, your air conditioner will have an easier time drawing in sufficient air.


Check for Blocks in Return Vent

Your home's warm air enters the air conditioner via the return vent. Your air conditioner will keep cycling on and off if something is blocking its airflow. Depending on the layout of your HVAC system, more than one return vent may be available.


When Is It Time to Call an AC Repair Company in Tempe??

If you have already attempted those above, it may be time to call in a professional air conditioning company like Rescue One Air.


Refrigerant Issues

A liquid or gas called a refrigerant flow through your air conditioner. Its main job is to take heat from the warm air inside. After taking in heat from the air inside, the refrigerant is taken outside and released into the air outside through the condenser (outdoor AC unit).

A leak causes, most of the time, a low level of refrigerant. Most refrigerant leaks happen in the lines that connect the indoor and outdoor units and near the compressor and evaporator coil.

A leak in refrigerant can be hard to fix, and it can also be dangerous for people. You'll need to call an experienced HVAC specialist to find and fix the leak.


Dirty AC Components

If the parts of your air conditioner are dirty, they may not work as well, which will make it run for longer.

Your air conditioner is likely to get dirty in two places:

Since the condenser is outside, dirt and debris can quickly block the coils and stop the refrigerant from releasing heat into the outside air.


Tempe AC Repair. What Makes My AC Continually Run?

Use a Tempe AC Replacement Service 

If your air conditioner is too small for your home, it will run all the time, but it won't cool the air enough. An HVAC expert must calculate load to determine if your air conditioner is the right size.

This complex calculation will tell you what size of air conditioner you need based on details about your home.

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