Tempe AC Repair. What's Wrong With Air Conditioner?

Tempe AC Repair. What's Wrong With Air Conditioner?

Because you don't understand air conditioners, you won't be able to answer such inquiries without consulting an AC repair specialist. Rescue One Air is a fervent believer in the power of knowledge. For AC repair in Tempe, AZ, the more information you have about your system, the better.

You'll understand precisely what's at stake, which components are being severely impacted, and why you must contact us for professional help.

Please continue reading to learn about some of the most typical issues we find with air conditioners throughout the summer months.

If anything sounds familiar, or if you're sure your air conditioner is having trouble, you need your Tempe air conditioning repair


Common Issues Needing AC Repair

Your air conditioner is experiencing a frequent issue that can be readily resolved.

In rare instances, an air conditioner has a unique problem requiring considerable repair. So, let's look at some of the most common issues we deal with regularly and see if we can't assist you out.


Leak of Refrigerant

A refrigerant leak could cause your system problems. The sound air makes while entering refrigerant lines and also refrigerant escaping will sound like hissing.

As your air conditioner works to cool your home, you may notice a drop in overall energy efficiency and comfort. Because it has less refrigerant to work with, it will need more energy. Over time, that refrigerant will deplete to where it can no longer chill your home.


Filter is clogged

Your air conditioner's air filter is a critical component. It will become blocked and suffocate your system if it is not replaced every 1-3 months.

Consider this: the more dust, debris, pet dander, and hair clog your air filter, the less space is available for fresh air to enter your system. As a result, it will struggle to breathe and become significantly less energy efficient. If you're not careful, this can strain some components and potentially cause a system failure.

Temperature is set incorrectly

We'll be honest with you: it's a miracle that an air conditioner works when it gets this hot here. So, while the heatwaves batter us with record-breaking temperatures and even excessive humidity, homeowners lower their thermostats as much as possible.

This is a colossal blunder. Your air conditioning problems could be caused by a thermostat that is set too low.

A residence can't be cooled down over 20 degrees below the outside temperature with an air conditioner. So, if it's above 100 degrees outdoors, set the thermostat to 80 degrees and find alternative ways to cool yourself, such as going swimming or enjoying a cold beverage!


Tempe AC Repair. What's Wrong With Air Conditioner?

Where To Find The Best Tempe Air Conditioning Repair?

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