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AC systems don’t spring leaks too often, yet they can cause issues when they do. Experts from Rescue One Air look at two of the more common leaks you may face.

A hole in an air conditioning flex duct or a Freon leak in an air conditioner is the most common. Here, you can see how Rescue One Air Tempe AC repair experts can help.


AC Repair For AC Flex Duct Leaks

A hole in an air conditioning flex duct can be repaired using various methods, including mastic caulk. Apply it to the exposed duct and fill in the hole using a caulking gun to use this substance. Allow 24 to 48 hours for the mastic to dry before removing the mastic and wax paper backing.

Measure the hole’s length, width, and height first. Then, cut a sheet metal patch to fit over the hole, with a few inches of overlap.

To secure the patch, use self-tapping sheet metal screws in each corner. Wrap the duct in foil tape if it’s constructed of fiberboard. Reattach the duct and seal any air leaks with silicone caulk.

Next, determine the size of the air duct hole. Finally, make sure the duct is cut to the correct size and has a sturdy enough base.

Based on the dimensions, you can select whether to replace the complete ducted system or only the damaged piece. After that, you’ll need to know the duct’s size and placement to ensure it’s adequately put.

It is wise to let experts from Rescue One Air deal with this, as you are guaranteed under the Tempe AC repair.


Tempe AC Repair Fixes Freon Leaks

The first step in repairing a Freon leak in an air conditioner is finding and stopping the leak. Because it necessitates special tools and equipment, this is a complicated process.

It’s also not a long-term solution because it weakens your system from the initial leak. However, a simple kit can repair it yourself. Consult a skilled specialist if you lack the tools or equipment.

Without the help of a professional, a Freon leak can be challenging to spot. Copper pipes, valve cores, and compressor bypasses are where leak occur most often. The “U” connectors, copper tubing, and the Schrader valve are common areas where gas leaks. Another common leak point is the electrical connection to the compressor body. A flashlight and a magnifying glass can find a leak. The damaged element must be replaced next.

If you can’t find the leak, check the many parts of the air conditioner. For example, a leak is usually seen in the evaporator coil and line set.

A person can destroy the line set or jab it with a lawnmower, causing a leak. After that, look for a leaking Freon in the Schrader valve core.


Get Help From Tempe AC Repair


Get Help From Tempe AC Repair To Fix AC Leaks

If you’re not sure how to do any repairs, Rescue One Air offers emergency AC repair.

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