Tempe AC Repair. Why Air Conditioner Refrigerant Line Is Icy

Tempe AC Repair. Why Air Conditioner Refrigerant Line Is Icy

For HVAC issues, one common concern is that the AC refrigerant line can sometimes accumulate ice/frost, especially on older machines.

The evaporator coils are becoming excessively cold, which is the primary cause of your AC refrigerant lines being frozen. To help you grasp this notion, we'll go over how and what the evaporator coil accomplishes when working correctly.

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Evaporator Coils May Need Tempe AC Repair

The evaporator coil requires refrigerant to chill the air in your HVAC system. When it's working correctly, the evaporator collects heat from the air in your home and uses it to cool it down. When the heat exchange mechanism gets constrained, your evaporator coil becomes less efficient at absorbing heat, resulting in ice/frost formation on the coils.

When your air conditioner is left on for extended periods in these conditions, ice can form on the refrigerant line.


Typical Reasons Refrigerant Lines Freeze

  • A refrigerant leak has developed in the evaporator coils.
  • The evaporator coils are covered in too much dirt and debris.
  • Your AC vents may be blocked or closed.
  • Your air filters are excessively filthy.
  • Your blower fan motor isn't working correctly.
  • The amount of refrigerant in your system is insufficient.


What To Do When You See Frost On The Insulation?

If ice forms on your refrigerant line, the first thing you should do is turn off your air conditioner and set your thermostat to "fan" mode.

Second, ensure sure your air filter is in good working order. Replace it right away if it isn't clean. Finally, make sure your air vents aren't blocked as well. Third, get in touch with a reputable HVAC repair firm that can diagnose and repair your air conditioner correctly.


Tempe AC Repair. Why Air Conditioner Refrigerant Line Is Icy

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